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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

---SiLenT NiGhT---

"just dance, gonna be okay, dada doo doot..."(my ph rang)
"eh muk wat time ur class 2moro" Miss "M"
"errrr, 230pm" Muk
"let go McD" Miss "M"
"okok" Muk

we going to ipoh as we usually doing. it ardy 1220pm la. then we started to go lo, reaching ipoh around 1pm then planned to go gunung rapat's Mcd but closed, ok lo then go to Jusco ther de lo also closed, arrrrrr geram lo. at last we go n eat Ipoh most famous bean sprout n chicken. u might be thinking there is ntg special abt this post, actually tat is juz a warm up.lol i found many wacky thgs happen yesterday night.

1st wacky
a car cross the road even there was red light...nothg special rite but the most wacky thg was opposite of the road was a police car there n they never chase. y ar???

2nd wacky
the car bside the police car was a harrier, the car even forgotten to switch on his light doesn't he feel dark, there is not onli once i saw another also forgotten to switch on his light. (actually i did it also when i still at kampar lol)

3rd wacky
"Mysterious Closing of Macdonald"
wat is happening to all Mcd at ipoh dunno wat was they doing yesterday mayb they r having some kind of meeting or wat.(damn u i wana eat prosperity burger le.)

4th wacky
a very silent Ipoh, all the small or big street are totally silent, tat is not the usual ipoh i seen b4. all the shop is closed, then the beansprout chicken there also very silent,
dunno whether is bcoz of monday or it ardy mid nite, but everytime i go there no matter wat time also many ppl de le. haiz, WACKY IPOH

5th wacky
the stupid me.
y am i fetching them go le, y dun i juz sleep at house le. stupid lo

in conclusion, then economy affected all of us, it making every1 going crazy, ah jie lost her job her bf also. haiz, hope this can over as fast as possible.

1st week si so SIENZZZ...