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Thursday, June 18, 2009

---I AppReCiaTe Ur PerforManCe---

at first the Y2 S1 started, this semester we hav interesting subject and even good lecturer as well, they all speak well the way they teach is nice, like them so much.

but there is 1 complain from me, whic is the colour studies lecture, her pronunciation is terrible:

-Hell - "helk"
-Therapy - "telibi"
-late - "lake"

the 1st week and 2nd week we sat in the class like seeing people performing comedy, 1st day she came in she introduce herself by saying where she got her master, how is her experience in academy and even study, like making herself is a gorgeous person in front of us, but sadly that is not. there even worst that during lecture class and tutorial, no one is listen when she trying to explain what she plan to do and about assignment.(i'm chit-chating as well) the worst thg i had ever heard was that she said she volunteer herself to come kampar for pj bcoz of us, then suddenly she said that affected her "market" at 1st i was thinking of pasar malam or wat but end up she means a chance to get a husband.=.=||| she even said if she can't get married that is our responsibility, what the....

in another side, i saw her loneliness behind, she is new here still need time to suit in the society here, no entertainment, feeling alone, so i started to feel abit pity to she. but still, i think that most importantly is her teaching, it reali like a show that very entertaining.

after the 3rd week and 2day, i feel guilty about it, where in the afternoon, she called me to collect the note from she so we can got it 2moro, she scan every textbook or graphic that is necessary for us in paper form, she even translated the term in english into chinese in order to let us understand it better. she dun mind to pay for the material to make us draw better. what a "diehard" person is academic industry. so i think i should respect her more that looking her as an actor when she is teaching, she act bcoz to grab our attention and making herself feel better in the new envirnment. as a leader in the class, i should't lead all my classmate to "sleep" in the cinema, but leading them to understand the "movie" better. Miss Liong sorry as what i thought u r. now the qoute should be 原来你一直默默的付出。。。instead of "thanks for your entertaining" XD

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