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Friday, February 25, 2011

---Imperfection Love---

Not the matter of changing, is the matter of your attitude. you never learn from mistake or even something new. You will always says you dunno and dunno, question do you willing to learn? Yes? Do you really learned then? It's good to be urself, as Firework, Beautiful and Perfect tell you so, but if you have a problem you shud be paying effort and CHANGE not cant or why do I have to. Silence do not help in a fight, keeping yourself silence make me look like a fool who's speaking to the wall. you know it is hard for us, so I kept our relationship to be good, when everytime we fight, I will just be the loser to not lose you. When I was mad, you just do nothing, after that to not ruin our relationship I will just call you, but what do I get for a feedback? Nothing. When I set my expectation higher, I just hurt even higher. I was mad but in the end I am the last person to beg for happiness. I dont understand. I simply wanted to maintain our relationship but I just couldn't get what I want.

The reason for writing this post is to give you more times and checking out what will you update in your status, but sadly nothing.

Now is considering to on my phone back, but I'm just afraid it hit me down again. =(

"we started a war, a war might end us"
I love you, but I dunno how shud I love you.