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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


juz finished watched this reali reali reali nice movie...u all should't miss it...

but after this need to continue my work...colors mixture...arrrr

we gain...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

---Miss OranGe FauLt---

the weekend is all about colors, when the orange color is mixed, i dun even knw that was an orange, i think i hav color blind XD...

going to redo it, hope can mix it perfectly, so no need to redo again...


---We ArE Hard to WaLK---

started wif u on this rocky path...
i'm sorry i hav no time to hav breakfast wif u....
i'm sorry i hav no time to hav lunch wif u....
i'm sorry i hav no time to hav dinner wif u....
i'm sorry i hav no time to hav supper wif u....
i'm sorry i hav no time to hang out wif u....

--but i promise i will do my best--

Thursday, June 25, 2009

---I'm In a ReLatiOnShiP---

as i tried a long time to chase she finally i got her...hahahaha

p/s: above stated is just for fun, for those who trying to kao burger go a head, we are juz kidding. and for sure she will kill me that i put it here.lol

not going class 2moro...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

---CurrY ChickeN BreaD---

24 June 2009
hungry at 12:22 am went to ghany but there is full of ppl
then decided to go Mcd, when reached ipoh i feel not to drink coke so went to old town.
i was stupid order the bread and lim wei curry chicken bread was so nice and i as a perak ppl also dun know order it, wat a shame. finished the yam cha section at 230am.

next time i must order it.^^

some1 ask me for a cast...

---GreeN BooK---

why my public bank account named as

"Public Islamic Bank"


---PaPa's FooDs---

as late as i doing it, last week was father's day, bcoz of i'm not working and dun hav any saving, in additional, i think my dad dun need any thg so i juz simply bought cakes for him on friday. i know is a bit early, coz i bought it on friday if put it till sunday, the cake will becom not nice. i bought 5 slices for secret recipe:
1.Banana Chocolate
2.Lemon Cheese

3.Chocolate Indulgence
4.Raspberry Cheese
5.Peach Cream Cake
after that hav dinner wif daddy in tapah

lastly HAPPY BELATED FATHER's DAY to my daddy

Moral drama is on 2moro...

Monday, June 22, 2009

---HigH VolT---

people trying to convince the guy to get down from the train, but the guy rejected and end up with....

---New CoMerS 2---

there is another new comer Post...
which is my car meet a new comer which stick to it 4ever
unless in spray the paint on it or replace the whole thg...
why would this happen to me...grrrrrrrr

****got a scratch again****

careful when u go Mid-valley bcoz...
(story continue 2moro)

Friday, June 19, 2009

---The NeW CoMerS---

juz finished game wif joey lim wei and ah theng, bcoz of the cherry matter, ah theng started to hiao. so it influnced me lim wei and joey, so we started to hiao also, we used the new students names as our player name, for me i used Krisxxxx and lim wei used xxx Ping, for joey he onli can hiao on Ccian, haha or jass kok. dunno when we all will stop to hiao...^^

p/s: as u know who is that or urself have been informed to read this, pls don't take it so serious, we are juz kidding

celebrating father's day wif daddy 2moro...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

---I AppReCiaTe Ur PerforManCe---

at first the Y2 S1 started, this semester we hav interesting subject and even good lecturer as well, they all speak well the way they teach is nice, like them so much.

but there is 1 complain from me, whic is the colour studies lecture, her pronunciation is terrible:

-Hell - "helk"
-Therapy - "telibi"
-late - "lake"

the 1st week and 2nd week we sat in the class like seeing people performing comedy, 1st day she came in she introduce herself by saying where she got her master, how is her experience in academy and even study, like making herself is a gorgeous person in front of us, but sadly that is not. there even worst that during lecture class and tutorial, no one is listen when she trying to explain what she plan to do and about assignment.(i'm chit-chating as well) the worst thg i had ever heard was that she said she volunteer herself to come kampar for pj bcoz of us, then suddenly she said that affected her "market" at 1st i was thinking of pasar malam or wat but end up she means a chance to get a husband.=.=||| she even said if she can't get married that is our responsibility, what the....

in another side, i saw her loneliness behind, she is new here still need time to suit in the society here, no entertainment, feeling alone, so i started to feel abit pity to she. but still, i think that most importantly is her teaching, it reali like a show that very entertaining.

after the 3rd week and 2day, i feel guilty about it, where in the afternoon, she called me to collect the note from she so we can got it 2moro, she scan every textbook or graphic that is necessary for us in paper form, she even translated the term in english into chinese in order to let us understand it better. she dun mind to pay for the material to make us draw better. what a "diehard" person is academic industry. so i think i should respect her more that looking her as an actor when she is teaching, she act bcoz to grab our attention and making herself feel better in the new envirnment. as a leader in the class, i should't lead all my classmate to "sleep" in the cinema, but leading them to understand the "movie" better. Miss Liong sorry as what i thought u r. now the qoute should be 原来你一直默默的付出。。。instead of "thanks for your entertaining" XD

can those spam stop spaming my chat box???

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

---That WaS a BaD Dream---

When i'm having dinner with frens, suddenly we started to chat about dream. it started bcoz i hav DejaVu 2day when carrying the stock from block A to block B.

the story is:
along the way we are going to miss liong started to chat wif me (during that time i notice that i hav been experieced it or seeing this scene in my dream the next is Lim wei will talk to me) Bingo, lim wei talk to me, suddenly i recalled that the next scene is "DH" shout at me and asked me about the money of the notes i photostated and he even called all his classmate and surounding me asking "why so expensive de...why...expensive leh", ohhh luckily "DH" did't appear.**pyu(even he appear also nevermind, i did't did anythg wrong.haha)

but actually it make me rmb that few days ago i dreamed my dad and that Bxtch is going to married. that was scary, i won't not like that to be happen. should i attend their wedding or should i not attending or should i destroy their wedding but for 100% answer i won't agree and won't attend their wedding. ya mayb i'm cruel, but in my situation i think this probaly is the best way to solve it, i can't stop them but i can done somthg to make myself feel more comfortable.

god hav god power,
human hav human power,
dun over estimate ur power as what can a god do...

---1st WasH---

a jean that i brought since CNY finally got the 1st wash...haha


juz finished a presentation 2day. a presentation that do not require any preparation.
the lecture will give u a topic on the spot then we will need to blahhhh it out for 3-7 minit.

the topic i got was a nickname of me...luckily lim wei giv me an idea to talk about
if not i would never manage to done it in 3-7 minit.

but unlucky is jia yi could't do it, so hope she would over come the stress or fear she is having during presentation.

I hate that chi bai...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

---Line Line Line---

after 2 weeks suffering without line
now it back to normal...hahahaha

my mouse broken...