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Friday, January 30, 2009

---No-HaPPy BiRtHdaY---

29th of JaN officially should a very happy day for me but this year not. i spend my time from 28 to 29 at Kuala Bikam where they are having BBQ, when the clock step into 12 i was playing mahjong and they sung song then end d. every1 started to back to their position. n here is the cake.
i received many greeting messages from:

Ah Yang(cousin)-who send me a day b4
Ling huI-Famine30 fren dun expect tat she still rmb ^.^
Sook pei-secondary school classmate send me an mms even sitting in front of me
Hwee Zhi-same secondary school n Utar fren
Bao hui-secondary school classmate send me an mms
wah linlin-1 of my best fren current status is single lol
Wai Lik-1 of my Bidor best fren and 2ndary school classmate
maggie-MCA camp fren, sent me a mss
Kimmy-sent me by using her 016 no calling me woody so i knw who u r
ah Yan-dunno how to explain her relationship wif me.lol
Huey Min-MCA camp fren and same group wif me, sending me the message by using her sis ph
Jun Wen-same 2ndary school and he study at UTAR. dun expected he knw my bufday.
Julien-current classmate and groupmate
Yu Tang-1 of my Bidor best fren
Kning-not so close de fren lol
Siew Hui-burger ex-housmate and Gina seoh current housemate
Ong Mooi- My 2ndary school class teacher
Peiyi- my Primary school classmate
Jia yu-MCA camp fren
Siew Ting-MCA camp bua chao jie jie
Mee Yee-current classmate
Mee Yuen-ex-housemate
Jie Ying-Bidor fren n fren's ex-gf
Colin-or banana primary classmate and girl i crushed b4.(long time ago la)
Chin Hoong-bear wong and current housemate
Heok Theng-current classmate
Shiao Ling-2ndary school classmate
Kah Wai-my ex-gf
Leyan-sent me mms Utar fren and my dad daugther-in-law =.=|||
Mei Ting-2ndary school classmate
Chow Da-best pal current classmate
Mummy-Peksi MCA camp mom lol
Hwee Phin-UTAR fren
Gina Seoh-Hawaii UTAR fren or burger best pal
(the list align is according to who sent me 1st n who sent me last)

received call from:
ah Wei-Sabah gal or mimi cousin
Dust- act as DHL delivery service to trick me...lol MCA camp fren
Mimi-1 of my best fren in Bidor

i think that all of it...thank you u all...
(if i miss out u pls 4giv me ya...burger i knw i miss out u coz i dun rmb when u sent msg to me le...lol)

the thg i not happy is bcoz my best pal argue wif me again, he did't talk to me or com n greet me but juz simply pretending nothg happen SOONG WAI KIT can u stop all that...

another thg is my celebration is juz staying at home all my frens are not free. hou sien ar...feeling wanna cry liao...T.T

19 is not a good year...

Thursday, January 29, 2009



(tradition said that is not good to say u r nxneteen, so better to said it like this)



Wednesday, January 28, 2009

---FuNNy MeSSageS---

recently received or saw some funny messages, so juz wanna share it here

the 1st is nt related, my best fren Miss Burger Liew giv me a kiss through sms, after i send she one...lol(wif a qoute of hou geli...lol)

2nd Miss Chow Da me
read it fast will become muackssss...then she continue to sent me the message again...lol
(y every1 wanna kiss me...lol)

nxt message is not from me but my Jin kak fren soong soong's 1...
he n his frens suspected that 1 of his guy fren might be in love wif him, so he try to smoke in front of the guy in order the guy will judge him in a different way or make his heart die gua...this is wat soong soong received after he smoke...i think the guy can be a good copy writer, a good slogan for smoking PSA...lol

this was wat he got when he did't reply...lol here com another slogan.

a different love may cause a different result, the way u treat a person will cause how he or she treat u bac...i warn u soong wai kit stop treating me like tat...


---SuPPrisiNG SuPPoRT---

me: 爸,我初五朋友来的时候我可以驾vios屎吗???
dad: 你问你表哥啦!

me: huh...=.=(a face of not willing to ask)
dad: 那你驾ford仔咯!

me: 我上次问他拿他都不给我驾!
dad: 酱你就驾他的车啦!

me: O.o

that was the 1st time my dad support me from my back...lol
coz recently my cousin is taking my car ford then my dad is caring the vios, i tried many time to ask to drive bac my car but he nvr giv de. but unexpected my dad supported me...lol

whic car i will be taking to kampar le????

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

---Mo0 YeaR eVe---

during new year eve i been joining the cempaka gathering although i'm from Mawar. many of them dressed nicely wif nice heel, and shoes unless me n my gang, we wore slippers =.=|||
haha, so not match de...haha anyway happy belated chinese new year ^.^

when can i hav my tuan yuan fan...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

---GoLDeN PieCeS---

when CNY comes, my house will produce some unique tauhu-pok whic suitable for the CNY. it is slide into thin slices in square shape, it look like some golden piece. every1 crazy for it, i dunno y. when my dad started to produce, there is ardy many ppl lining up for it, even fight for it =.=|||
crazy ppl. some of them even steal our tauhu, haiz this society...
this is how it produced, 1stly a big square of tauhuthen we seperate it.
is time to fry la.leave it to cold
hang it wif a string. COMPLETEDthis is the most popular tauhu to be sell during CNY. dun ask me to keep some for u, coz it will finish in a second. lol

Vios hit by a motorcycle...is me again T.T

Saturday, January 24, 2009


i been given a work to be done during CNY. is to sketch our self portrait and doing pointillism, i hav chosen this pic to be sketch. hope tat can draw nicely.lol

more and more assignment are coming...

Friday, January 23, 2009

---TiMe 4 DRawInG---

the 2nd tutorial we r having for conceptual design is abit different from the usual tutorial we r having, the 2nd tutorial held at outdoor, we sat outside of the ddk and Miss Ina asked somthg from us and separated them into 3different group and we decide whic we wanna start 1st. i donated my key as an item to draw also.
i picked Kning's water bottle and Miss Ina's hand bag as the 1st sketching.
Miss Ina instructed:"u hav 30sec to sketch when i say stop u muz stop" =.=
here is wat i sketched in 30sec
then change to another item, next item is my key and Lim Wei"s handph
we hav 60sec
here is wat i sketched in 60sec
then change again, this time is Kheng Guan's bag and Lim Wei's water bottle
we hav 120sec
here is wat i sketched in 120sec
lastly we get to choose wat we wana sketch in 10minute
i hav choosen my key and Lim Wei's handph
here is it...look so "yok sun" T.T
the meaning it all abt that 30sec, 60sec, 120sec and 10min is to let us knw how to focus on the most essential item or meaning tat wanted to present in an image.
at the final work, we need to use 3 different kind of pen or colouring item to create a picture for examples, pen, pencil, colour pencil, crayon, water colour and charcoal. after that pick a place and draw the thg u see.i hav chosen this and drew wif pen, pencil, colour pencil, crayon. tata
like children drawing...lol
need to improve if not, juz wait to repeat le...

still got tat pointalism need to be done...T.T

Thursday, January 22, 2009


u make me feel angry again, i never get that mad, even my classmate also is the 1st time to see me angry like that. if u r going ipoh, fine lo i cant ask for more, but i ardy tell u tat i wanna go ipoh also de, then u say mayb going on thursday or friday not confirm yet, but will let me knw later, ok fine. suddenly sms u 2day after class, only u tell me tat u r on the way to ipoh d. wat??? izzit u promised to let me knw when u r going to ipoh, so tat i can follow, but u tell me when u r on the way to ipoh, y dun u tell me when u reach ipoh. this is not the 1st time u do like tat, hei u said u will tell later, when is ur later, even blame on me say i thought u bought colth d, then i say haven u say u also did't tell me, huh even i bought cloth also i will still be going ipoh ok, is tat hard to juz ask. if u think tat i'm blaming u or u think u hav done nothg wrong fine, settle here...

aggression is all around...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

---My StiCkY HelPeR---

i found tat hair is all around my room's flour so i sweep, but it is hard to sweep into the duster coz it is too tiny. luckily my uncle tell me wat will japanese do to overcome this problem. he said tat, by using masking tape, stick all those hair on the floor, tat is wat the japanese do and i tired it is easy and effective...:p see...

learning Illustrator...


after i had experienced the work and cooperation with AV1 i ardy started plan to shift class de but the onli problem i been having is to find some1 who wanted to exchange wif me, but no1 going to do so. but when sem2 started surprisingly received a message:

Samoht: "do u wanna change class wif me?"
Muk: "is it possible?"

Samoht: "it is possible"
Muk: "GREAT"

haha then ma write letter lo. finally 2day approved lol
sorry to puiyi, minwei and eewan for betrayed not to say as betray la, juz leave la...reali sorry
sorry to munyi too coz i promise to not change class and now i make a promise here, if ther is any assignment can be done wif u i sure will join u, coz u r a great teammate.

new life in AV3

AV3 here i come

i haven finish buying CNY cloth ar...no time liao

---I'm JeLLyFisH MaN---

it is a new year so i get a chance to go Langkawi again yeahhh, although i juz went there few month ago. this time is going wif my camp frens and juz to company Kning to "pak to". we sat 2am bus to Alor Star my buddy followed us for fun, here some pic of it....
we ardy in the bus la
on the way in the bus, i never sleep, is hard to sleep in the bus, i juz listening to music and staring outside until the bus reach Alor Star lo. we reached A.L. around 540am freezing cold out there, we straight away went to the mirror and snap this pic. lol
the nxt place we need to go is Kangar, we wait wait and wait Kning started to frustrated and complaining and not to be forgoten she also started to missing Wei Leng
the bus came 615am, we are on, then i slept in the bus and it take 45 minute to reach Kangar from A.L. the ticket is very expensive=.=
reached Kangar Wei Leng com n find us then bring us to K.Perlis we take boat to Langkawi lu. we reached Langkawi around 1130am then we take our "Burry"(look like Bus but actually made from Lorry) to our motel to check in after that straight away went to cable car whic also can be called as oriental village. we was hungry half way b4 reaching the cable car we went to eat KFC although we are in a rush. lol reach cable car lu, we do wat all tourist will do, so i juz randomly put some pics and few description here, lazy to write so much.lol
i juz wanna jump from here, let me go...LMAO
the elephant erect coz of Maggie lol (P/S: thx to wah lin lin of teaching the word, xie xie)
nxt station is Black Sand Beach,
then Kota Mahsuri(we did't get in coz it cost us rm5)
after the tripin out ther we are going bac to our motel and juz hang around the beach behind our motel. the worst thg i been experienced in my life had began, i went into the sea and suddenly fell electric shock on my hand and i straight away shout and walk out from the sea and my leg got shocked also, it was jellyfish. damn it spoil all my feeling to play d, i also did't join any activities they are having so waste, so i juz simply took some pics and here they are...
dunno whether it is a curse or wat, everytime i went to Langkawi i sure will get a fine, this time also...T.T
although my hand was hurt, but i will still shopping lol this is wat i bought
ritter sport x6 = rm26
ritter sport mini x8 = rm6.90
adnes x2 = rm 16.90
Nougat x1 = rm16.90
Forrero rocher x4 = rm72
absolute vodka(raspberry) x1 = rm36
black Label x1 = rm55
bombay Sapphire x1 = rm43
that all for my Langkawi trip, all thgs happened or planed i think is ok, i won't complain de...hahaha..c u all in CNY la.

why my laptop cant install photoshop de...T.T