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Monday, August 31, 2009

---ThE WeeK EnD---

went KL for burger's bufday and meet up wif her 20+ classmate...quite paiseh hahaha...
the day after that, going out wif Ping Xin whic no see for a long time..^^
(all photo pls refer to facebook bcoz the pics is not wif me)

another purpose is to buy a LOMO for my bro..

here it is...DIANA F+
but function of it is complicated and the film are not demanded, so alot of photo shop canot wash the pic out...T.T

still got alot to work on it...someone mind to share ur experience wif me and teach me how to use it...

Thx daddy 1st...
although u haven't promised to buy me...^^

Saturday, August 22, 2009

---BuiLdinG CasTle in The AiR---

Menuntut kepada teori, Eksistensisme bahawa don not plan for the future, but i would like to imagine but not planning hahahhahaha

1st thing to imagine,
What kind of company i will be in during industry training?
MP, magazine publisher, AA....hmmmm but 1st choice of coz is to working with MP XD

2nd thing to imagine,
When will the loan masuk bank account saya XD
one month, 2 month???but pls come b4 October, if not i need to imagine...how if i do not have any money and going Taiwan.

3rd thing to imagine,
How will the taiwan trip be?
Tiring, Fun, Nice, Earthquake, H1N1 or....watever it is not predictable

Last one****
most important









after a deep considering, the money will devided in to 4 sections, every section is 8000

1st 8000
  • a new DSLR - RM5k
  • Taiwan - RM2k
  • Lomo 4 Burger - RM500
  • Lomo 4 Bro - RM500
  • i-value3 iphone 3Gs - RM1k++
BRAVO!!!!!!!!! 1st semester loan finished =.=

2nd 8000
  • keep it for industry traning
  • for sure i will spend alot when i'm in KL
YAHOOOO!!!!! 2nd Loan habis juga

3rd 8000
  • Masuk Saving account.
=.= suddenly so guai d....

4th 8000
  • Combine witht the 8000 last semester
  • then......Marry!!!!!!

  • neh...not for tat purpose, during that time is Daddy's 60th Birthday so will combine both the loan and buy him a R watch 12k to 16k
  • but, how to pay them ler...bring 16k cash to their shop???hahahahha

so that was juz blank planning, everythg havent come in time it will alwaz change, so to make myself feel syok, thinking of this is much more better...XD

y am i still feeling uncomfortable...

Friday, August 21, 2009

---FooD I WilL NeVeR HaV a ChaNce To TrY---

the meal i will never hav is a meal tat cooked by a Mother...
Xiao yang's mother came to kampar to find she...she cooked for us 2day hahahaha...

jia yi the poker face

Chia hui the hiao poh
MaMa ^^
ah girl joined the table...hahahahaha

the taste of south areas are different from us hahaha i like the tea so much....XD

We r in same industry ok...=.=

---DaH PoTonG---

cut my hair again, but this time it reali short, my fringe at least shorten 2-3 inches...XD
macam budak sekolah menengah dah...lol

it is juz wait for the money to come...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

---Bro I LoVe U---

my bro ph been stolen then 2day he buy a new prepaid n sent me a message...


damn funny when i c this message, i was thinking is this my bro? y the way he talk in such way...hahahahaha
but then it is nice...miss him so much, when i call him he tell me he is going genting, but wif the voice of very depressing asking me, "do u come back this week" make me miss him so much. maybe he wan me to bring back the camera to him or fetch him to take bus. but watever still love him so much.

almost forgoten the coming 30th is his birthday thinking of wat to buy him.(if PTPTN comes)

a lomo
a Phone

duno juz put it away 1st...wait for the PTPTN.

hmmm...can i get it

Saturday, August 15, 2009

---MukKu & PeT---

Mukku & Pet
Drawing by me^^
Typo by Jia Yi

a rain at kampar...washed it away...
hope to wash it clearly ^^

Print ads...tvc...and OOH






Tuesday, August 4, 2009


recently was really stress, all work come 2gether, juz trying to relax and polish my photoshop skill...hehe...planned to do my Music association wif "poker face" and thinking of wat to draw, suddenly wai xin ling come into mind and so i edited her...hahahaha


added hair and spec


to make some red reflect

tada...this is the outcome when Gacky turn into a pop star which named as LADY GAC-GAC...XD

i knw it look quite cacat, but will try to improve in the future...pls dun laugh at me, i'm juz a noob here...:P

p/s: sorry wai xin ling, i knw u will be angry wif this, pls 4giv me, and dun scold me "never upload any photo of mine b4 u edit it", reali sorry...dun angry ar...treat u eat when go kl ok...XD

muscle pain...

Monday, August 3, 2009

---GaiN MaRks---

2day was reali tiring.

5am- manage to finish the left out part for EC

830am- woke up for EC tutorial

1030am- Assignment printed

1045am- Assignment Rejected (due 230pm)

1050am- rush bac to get my laptop

11am- received message from lecture, assignment can be submit next mon =.=

1130am- public speaking tutorial

1130am-1230pm- get the marks for the mid term and also last presentation...sad*

1230pm-130pm- went tesco for KFC and buy some stuff

130pm-230pm- sit downstairs at block D waiting for class to start

230pm- class started

345pm- laptop started to make me more tired

346pm- asked to go to block E to change the black out laptop

415pm- EC mid term mark given i gain 14 over 50 whic i think i cant even gain 1 mark. after convert is 3.666 over 10(YUHOOOO)

430pm- end class

445pm- back home take my car to school for consultation

450pm-7pm- consultation

7pm-8pm- Dinner

830pm- only manage to have a nap

it's reali tiring hope can get more sleep now...tata