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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

---It Not DonE YeT---

~~~the idea banned~~~

still doing the same thg since last sunday...

---MoRe to Go---

finally done the next assignment, Copy writing all those report, print ads, billboard and TVC done la...hahaha. but still got more to go. here is the outcome. u will think it is quite weird...haha but try to understand the meaning between the line.
print ad 1Print ad 2


let relax for the few hours...^^

Sunday, March 29, 2009

---金曜日(FriDaY) & 土曜日(SatUrDaY)---

as my stupid finger clicked on the delete button, i was forced to redo all my multimedia tools individual assignment and conceptual design CD cover which had completed. to save my time i was encourage try to do back the same thg as i did't b4, but i think tat was hard so i did't change the concept buy do it is different way. For illustrator, assignment 1 the cat are different from the original and the moon as well. but i think the 1st one is better.
the 2nd one is the same juz i added a logo for it and cloud are different.
(to compare)
the last one i totally change it. 1st one was a elf flying in the sky, but i cant find back the pic so i change it to this.

for PS i tried so hard to make it same as the 1st one. but cant coz i lost all of the picture needed, so it is quite weird compare to the printed copy. i'm tired of it...juz let it be.

cant relax now, nxt to do list

1st- Print those redone work (Deadline 30th of March 2009)
2nd- Copy Writing 1 print ads and the Report (i planned to do it in this 2 days but, grmmm i hate the feeling rushing for assignment) (Deadline 31th of March 2009)
3rd- Japanese assignment (Deadline 4th of April 2009)
4th- Multimedia Tools for Av's group assignment WAO (Deadline might be week 12 or 13)
5th- Japanese presentation (18th of April 2009)
6th- Conceptual Design's CD cover (1 of my loses need to redo ar) (Deadline week 14)

this is pack...tat all my terrible friday and saturday.

on duty for open day...

Friday, March 27, 2009

---WTF OMG...caNt ExpRess My FeeLinG Now---

2day was the set up day for the open day. then i went to school wif my laptop to show miss ina my creation. but suddenly i moved my document folder into the picture folder,then i assume that was the shortcut BUT...it was not...i hav deleted the whole document folder even the folder is not in the recycle bin(as wat i knw a higher bit of files recycle bin won't keep) the losses i gain:

-the 10 weeks assignments for multimedia tools for advertising, 3 illustrator work and 3 photoshop work
-conceptual design logo designed
-all the other assignment...
(there mayb more losses are unfound yet...hope there are no T.T)

now wat can i do, juz to reso the SAME 6 assignments i hav done. "shi lo"

y r u bullying me...
i hav no support...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

---PoTaTo OniON & CurrY---

20 of March 2009
me jiayi and lim wei went to ipoh to buy files then mee yee suddenly appeared behind us then we go shop 2gether and the we when to parade and the 100円 shop to cc. then we bought the japan curry and miso soup. i planed to cook since every1 is going back to their hometown. the next day went to but onion and potato for the curry. me, lim wei, jia yi, heok theng and chia hui joining the dinner. here is wat i cooked
suppose there is no fried egg with onion de...but there is too much onion i bought.this also i bought too much potato end up wif mash potato but jia yi suggest to fried is to "Cola biscuit" as the taiwanese call it.then i asked she do u hav any "mian bao hong"(sorry duno wat it call in eng) she say dun hav, dun hav how to fried then i was thinking bread also can, asked for bread dun hav ok lo then i take biscuit lo. smash the biscuit till small small piece and fried it. result of that.and lastly my favourite drink...COCK(as wat jia yi alwaz pronouns as)

open day is this week...

Monday, March 23, 2009

---Another Is OuT---

another cousin had got married last wednesday...it was fast almost every year there is a cousin wedding, ermm wondering who would be the next...haha and when is mine lol
the innocent kiddo

2 bros
they r family
y was she so worry, not her son's or daughter's wedding lolr u trying 2cry dunlong time no c de cousinthe 8 Amehhhhhtime to YAMthe kid is more excited...dun la shy...u look nice lol"eat" me like a lollipop...=.=my bro giv this to me b4 i go bac kampar...haha tat is wat i usually do when "lao gai" haha...he knw it...

busy week now....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

---The 5 GrouP---

today we had our japanese assignment group lucky draw...here is the result...
haha...i'm in the water...so lucky

going kl 2moro lu^^

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

---My NaMe???---

finally hav some time to blog. ermm recently is doing all sort of works that given. the next i finished earlier is the typography for your names i made some of it, ermm dunno whic 1 nicer or there are none haha...will be submitting this...the requirement tat needed for this assignment is to do a typography tat represent ur personality or special abt u. so won't missed is the wood...haha before this been modified, miss ina asked me y there is a "big bird", i answered as juz simply make it look nice lo, then my classmate say coz it represent i got a "big bird" =.=||| after that i try to do it in another way whic result of this. but the one i like the most is this 1...the reason i like this the most coz it special gua. the reason i do so is bcoz those chinese word will be representing myself as a chinese and as my name "muk" is one of the word in the 5 elements whic is metal, water, earth, fire and me wood. so i done this. this is the 1st work i did for this assignment but after recalled that maximum are 4 colors so i need to redo.=.= feel fun for it although it is tiring.^^

going back hometown 2moro for cousin wedding dinner...

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Happy Birthday to Pamela(it was yesterday)
i went to ipoh for movie although i'm in sick mood, watched the "witch mountain" and "dragonball" witch mountain was nice but for the dragonball its kind of sucks. the movie ran too fast even there should be the climax but no1 notice it. the characters, ermmm ok la, coz if they did it totally same in the manga it will be very funny like this
so better don't...hehe
although i'm sick but life still on need to do my visual and texture and also the open after effect works. so must stand hardly la.

feeling wanna vomit...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

---Dying FeeL---

there hav been 1 month and 2 weeks i did't bac to hometown. i was so excited to go bac, the 1st thg i will do i hug my daddy, yeah i did it. it did't last long, the feeling was not wat i expected, i expect tat daddy will be staying wif me and chat or hav nice dinner or a meal wif me, but not T.T the day i went bac is on saturday, i reached around 230pm and the dishes on the table hav no any special foods, i expect there might some foods tat i like to eat, but no. the next day, daddy trying to bring me to teluk intan to eat seafood but sadly my "asshole cousin" try to make it late at the estate so tat we cant manage to go there, so i got not chance to hav a great dinner wif my daddy, so i was thinking ok lo then can we eat breakfast 2gether 2moro, but sadly again daddy dated wif the "fat bitch" so i also cant hav breakfast wif daddy d. T.T very sad ar, all i want is juz ur love but i did't get anythg...not anythg la at least i drunk some soup. it let feel tat there is no different whether i'm going bac anot. u dunno my feeling, as u say i infleuced by the others so do u. -_-,

should i sell my motor for DSLR...

Thursday, March 5, 2009


recently stressful, alot of work is given

-Multimedia tools for ads_5th assignment photoshop lighting and tone
-Conceptual Design_3rd assignment create a typography of ur name COLOURED
-Conceptual Design_4th assignment visual and texture
-Conceptual Design_cd cover how to modify our 'zero man'
-Copy Writing_Zoo Taiping how can i help u
-Open day_all pics passed, but miss ina say not enough wo, haiz need to do some more

P/s:thx for dust encourages haha...but the pics i upload at facebook is not the 1 my lecture wan de la...haha

finally can bac home after this 32days...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

---100th Post---

my 100th post is abt my trip to taiping whic is also for assignment purpose de trip. copy writing our group hav chosen our topic as "Zoo Taiping" so we need to went there to do a research. we went to their night safari also. at 1st i assume tat we need to walk for the night safari but went reached ther onli i realize we can sit on the train de.=.=||| so we sat on it and see the night life of wildlife lo. b4 we were ther miss shageena told us that night safari hav ntg to c wo. but when we were ther i think tat night safari got la, juz less lo, quiet nice also and when com to the end we get to walk by our own and it was scary, coz u r surrounded by the green and u won't knw that there might be an animal jump out and attack us...=.= i knw the posibility should be 0% but i still scare...haha. after that we went bac our hotel and sleep lu. the other day in the morning we went to the zoo again coz the night and noon of the zoo will be different de. after exploring the entire zoo we got some ppl opinion and our target audiences are families(obviously) and couples(i still don't understand y will a couple went to zoo for dating although there are so many thgs tat proof to me that they will but i still dun understand.) that mayb all abt our trip.

for pics of zoo please click here

finish my shooting...


1st work of photoshop...unexpected tat lecture like it =.=|||
plan to redo it...still considering...wat ur opinion...

Monday, March 2, 2009

---PushinG Me DowN---

there hav been 1 month and 2 weeks i did't bac to hometown d. some more now i hav more and more work to be done. assignment, copy writing got the creative brief, then the nxt work need to be done by nxt week wif thinking of a brand and consider their marketing mix and do a print ads. beside of copy writing the EMC need to call for meeting la, do minute every time we hav meeting then print in wif cover also. sien ar. Multimedia tools, hav redo wif 3 illustrator work then nxt is a PS job luckily he accepted my PS work so that is no need to redo. the most ma fan thg is i need to print it out and submit it. very confuse ar. beside works thgs, i'm helping my lecture to do an exhibition abt FAS i need to capture photo of student then edit them and submit it. i'm finding MODELS ar. still lack of some models. need to arrange time to capture photo of them also. my time is full. my external hardisk bought to warranty for 2 month ardy still the person nvr call me, i wanted to call there and ask but lazy to do it T.T...lastly this week finally got to bac hometown but b4 that got 1 more thg to do is to paint by my car coz it crashed by joey and i also crashed it on a divider paint was desquamate i scare daddy will scold, better done it b4 bac to hometown. Many need to do in 1 week time. haiz...

missing home...

Sunday, March 1, 2009


doing assignment wont miss is work will be rejected or need to be modfiied...i done wif my illustrator job and both of it been rejected(total of 3 works and the last 1 still under construction). this is the 1st one where we need to use blend, pen pencil and gradient...
i done wif this but tutor rejected...so i will be submitting this to him
the 2nd work is to do a card(whatever card) by using brush and typing font...
this is the 1st one i did but rejected also so i redo again and result wif this

hope this time won't be reject again...nxt work under construct is 3d and live tracing...hou fan ar...

laptop started to lag...