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Saturday, February 28, 2009


photoshop hav no fate wif me, every com i hav also cant install photoshop cs3 even it is a new laptop, so i been forced to install cs2 lo, but my tutor say better i go and change it to cs3 or go for a cs4 la...ok lo then, mayb is me myself noob dunno how to install so i bring my laptop the technician to fix. after 1 day of trying the out come was my laptop still canot install cs3 so the technician install cs4 for me but problem come again. the cs4 been installed hav not crack de...so me n my frens ma clever clever ourself and download crack lo... but then the chow jia yi downloaded the keygen then i key in the product code...yeahhh the code was right but dunno whic part was wrong...suddenly pop out "product licensing expired" WTF* grmm...haiz again my laptop dun hav photoshop so then i uninstalled it but my fren trying to download the cs4 from the net then he giv the setup to me after installed successfully i try it but the same out com appear... arrrr so i try to search from the net "how if cs4 licensing expired" luckily i followed some step and downloaded a crack then YEAHHHHH!!! thx god i installed it correctly and can be use la...haha but cs4 is too graphical and not tat convenient of using it if compare to cs2 and 3...=.=|||

going taiping 2day...^^

Friday, February 27, 2009

---They R AvalaBle HeRe---

sorry for late posting this post...this post should be posted by previous week coz of busy-ness on assignment, work an work and work and my Photoshop system is down so i only manage to post it now...XD

if not mistaken it was 20 of Feb Burger and linlin came to kampar to meet us and do their photography assignment. there hav been a long time both of them never bac to kampar. every1 in kampar was so excited(mean juz kampar frens la not every1 la). the 1st thg we do when they reached kampar is to yam cha.haha. then we play the mafia game ermm they come to late so we juz hav some talk then straight away sleep d lu coz 2moro still go japanese class. i brought them to join our japanese class then after the class end we start our photo taking session. here are all the photo and som description. some of them might not hav coz lazy to write down all details.love this bicycle arrangementwe at sushi kingusing DSLR to self portrait haha

Ipoh unknown temple

Ipoh old town
haha...so happy they were here they teach me alot of camera thgs but i'm still a noob....

P/s:the stupid hawaii suddenly sms to lim wei and theng telling them me n burger sleep in 1 room =.=||| swt*

CK is withdrawing soon...
wishing he good luck in the rest of his life :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

---SoMe CraP--


this video is a very funny video tat uploaded on youtube is abt a korean sing touch my body...very very very funny LMAO

and i can conclude 1 thg tat linlin's photography lecturer is from korean as both of them pronoun Camera as CAMEL...hahaha


very no mood since this monday. during multimedia tools for av class we r learning photoshop my laptop juz got cs2 then tutor is using cs3 and many feature only available in cs3 onli...T.T
but my laptop canot install cs3 la, T.T bring to technician then after used 1 day finally he help me to installed cs4 but wat i get hav not crack yet so i try to crack by myself but SHIT i banned even blocked me to activate the photoshop...arrrrrr haiz...hou charm ar...uninstalled cs4 arrrrr...
hou fan ar...when can i get my photoshop bac...errrrrr

need to work and work...

Friday, February 20, 2009

---On FirE---

as usual, every friday we will hav our lunch on 11am at Ktar there de, same as 2day also. but it was a z sightly different from usual, tat wa so freaking tat the only fast foos restaurant in kampae new town (except tesco's kfc la) was on fire. the restaurant called My fc ermmm in M'sia from the research report there are few My fc in Perak. human common sense is to 88 lo...^^ include me la...orrrhhh pity My FC...

2moro is photo taking session^^

Thursday, February 19, 2009


recently love to edit photo by using photoscape instead of photoshop...coz it is much more easier and convenient. one of the program it provide is antique photo...looks great...suddenly got an idea to post a blog wif my old pic and some latest de....hehethis is me during graduation trip at Langkawi

me during foundation wif helen, xiao ping and mummy

me n linlin during foundation

me and baobao during foundation

some others random editted pics...
need more improvement...i will jia you de...0.O

going to be linlin's model...
kan choeng o...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

---MoVie FesT---

there are 4 coming soon movie tat i won't want to miss...x-men...Dragonball...race to the witch mountain...chun li's legend...

all of them look so interesting must to watch them all...haha

not going bac hometown this week...T.T

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

--- ばれんちねで---

how i spent my valentine???juz find my best frens lo, burger n linlin, juz hanging out going clubbing nothg much...going to maison again this time ^.^ nice song they have, love there so much. juz simply some pics

1st time wendy's, the food quite good n look interesting...

going hotel b4 clubbing
burger did't sleep for the whole nite...
eat brunch on nxt day in this restaurant...
burger is opposite waiting her monorail...saying bye bye d lu...
tat all my Valentine's...
wishing tat nxt year u can be my valentine...^^

they are coming this saturday yeahhhh...