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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

---The HistoRy CitY---

the end of the semester we went to malacca for our trip. we rent van to bring us there. reached A-famosa around 9am though that the driver will bring us to the hotel 1st so i wore my sleeping cloth there, unfortunately we will be at A-famosa 1st later only went to the hotel. hahaha, so i change my cloth, wash my face and brush my teeth at the public toilet. ohhh yark. there have been 8-9 years i never went to Malacca, i was excited and seem there are some changes there, worker there are forcing the visitor to take photo wif them and the animal so they can earn money from the photo and they are "stucking" the entrance so u have no place to go. what a brilliance idea. when step inside i saw no different and we went to sit on the "Zhu Long Che" or the lorry with gate and went into the safari area. ermm ntg change inside there and ntg exciting. after that was the elephant show jia yi and chia hui bcom the volunteer of the show and Blahhh blahh blahhh. multiple animal show, bird show and wild west show. everyone is tired and we went back to hotel, thought we going to sleep but i started wif an idea to steal each other's pillow and we played and fight around shout, i was reali fun, it was the climax of the day.

WAhhhh wat a post full of word, lazy liao, at nite was a show and the "ah gua" there was beautiful ^^

the next day, went to town as usual went to places like red house la, jonker street and many more. Hahaha feel so "fu hin".

Lastly, i appreciate the performers profession, although there are not much visitors on that day bcoz it is not peak season, but they are still performing wif smile and serious. clap****
long time did't write a long post like this...haha

p/s: for pictures please refer to facebook.

Monday, May 18, 2009

---Sell Out---

the day before we going to malacca whic is 12 May we went to watch this movie "Sell Out". a reali nice local movie to be watched. the story line suck but there are meaning between the line. the main charaters play roles as a tv show host and a electrical machine employee. the whole story is telling the "Culture of Malaysia". in the movie it tell us about manglish, we are not free to talk about PoXXtic, ppl like gossip, sales are given salary but they dun wanna do their job, dreamer is alwaz dreamer in order to survive we muz be more realistic and more and more. teasing, advicing more and more to see. reali nice. love their song as well especially the dunno wat name d, juz simply like their music and their vocal. another malaysian's movie impressed me but this is better than sepet. ^^ hope manage to buy their soundtrack.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

---CloRox oN Our FooT---

after the end of year 1 sem2, me and some of my frens are shifting out, base on the reason of we alwaz stick 2gether y dun juz live 2gether. last week after the exam on 11 of may, we washed our house with full of dust and dirt, it was hard. we bought clorox whic limwei likes and pour on the floor and started to brush. when we are brushing the 2nd floor, suddenly there are no water supply then the water cant reach outside the room. terrible. even some of the dirt on the floor are hard to be removed and we juz leave it. after that, mee yee and chia hui come for help although they are not living here, they bring us more clorox and water as well, work bcom easier wif the coming of them. we ended our mission and sit on the staircase and started to camwhore...haha

we spend our whole afternoon there and going to joey house for the ready of malacca trip..^^

p/s: this post suppose to be on 11 of May 2009 =.=

you are juz annoying...:p

Sunday, May 10, 2009

---FlyinG GreET---

a message canot be sent through phone
a message canot say face to face
a message canot show by card
a message canot use present to demonstrate
a message canot be receive even i shout

because you are too far from me...

Happy Mother's Day^^

*hope heaven has internet access=.=

miss ya...

Friday, May 8, 2009

---ResPonD to LinLin---

meet him yesterday. since CNY we never met. ntg change btw us. we never talk never greet never hav eye contact. ermm kind of hard. every laugh i made there was fake, every emotion made there was fake, every feeling i hav there was fake it's reali hard there. i wa juz pretending and acting like i live better than u...hard man. wat ever. bidor's frens seem to be getting farer than me, they hav their own qoutes, hav their own joke and they own plan without counting me in. i know la, coz i'm studying at kampar ma, sure they will getting farer lo. ermm use to it. juz wanna to split.

To linlin:

i'm not abandoning my blog, but there was many thgs come in mind in me. that person disappearing in my life so less out lot of blogs, dunno whether is good or wat. then 2nd thg is perviously my perception on blog is posting watever i want wathever i like even i hate some1 but i found out it is not, i will consider whether that person going to c wat i wrote. so that why lo...

P/S: how i know why there is so much spam in my chat box wo...

last paper is on...

Sunday, May 3, 2009


recently watching a taiwan drama. in episode 2 there is a rap. so decide to post it and if anyone can rap it fluent...U r great...sorry ar in chinese.

马超出操 操场操马喂马吃马草
马妈妈超操心 炒炒码面喂马超吃 yeah
马超不吃炒码面 在操场出马操
吵马妈妈炒炒码面 马妈妈不爽操起炒码面
骂操场出马操的马超 去吃马草
骂操场出操的马超操马超吵 而喂马超吃了马草

hahaha...actually it is quite rude la...coz the "cao" word mean F**k...lol

Japanese test on Monday...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

---Na Ru WaN---

taiwan is welcoming me this coming octorber. yes... so nice that i saw my name up there. yeah.

*hope swine flu does not affect us.