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Thursday, April 30, 2009

---1sT Run---

juz finish a paper yesterday which is EMC. ohhh that was hard, used 1 hour to finish question 1, the 45 minute for question 2 and lastly i hav not enough time to do my question 3.=.=|| but my classmate mr. Ben manage to finish in a hour. waoooh, how he do it whatever la. the last question is the graph i was juz going to finish my last sentence and the conclusion but i was too late, but i was manage to write 8 words to conclude my question before she come and knock my table and say "STOP WRITING". the 8 words are "in conclusion, male used more internet than female." what the **** is that conclusion. hope that won't fail la. from the outside would be saying get C ok de lo; but sorry from the inside {i hope to get B- or B la if not my CGPA will down grade la}. is that possible? juz let it to the god. Conceptual design is 7 more hours to go, but the passport thg is affecting me. arrrrr hope i can renew my passport.

passport passport passport...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

---What am I WaitinG 4---

i becoming more and more use to wait for others people, when ah jie not yet went to New York, every time we are meeting, I'm the one who is waiting for her.(miss her so much, hope can wait for u one more time). then every time meeting wif burger and linlin sure i'm waiting also, hahaha but i'm not mad la, if the place i'm waiting is nice i nevermind one. ^^ few days ago, going kl to find burger, linlin and ah zhu, i was taking 10am bus from kampar haven't eat breakfast even one drop of water, reached pasar seni at 1230pm burger ask me go asia jaya wait she then ok lo. i was there on 1245pm and burger come at 210pm=.= but there are more to wait, wait linlin to come down from her hostel 220pm to 245pm, wait burger and linlin finish their photography meeting 3pm to 5pm finally i got to eat things liao at burger's restaurant Ducking. after that go low yat buy thing then went to find the ah zhu, at first we wanted to have steamboat with she but we cant manage to do so. so having mcd as dinner.jaming
lin lin and ah zhu
a great look of ah zhu




the pokai fat gan hao

it's time to go liao, on the way burger sending me to kl sentral, there is a road block and i could't catch my train for the 2nd time, haiz. lastly, burger sent me to pudu and i take bus to ipoh and ask lim wei them to fetch me back. paiseh ar.

*sorry for troubling u all :P


am i still waiting for u to find me back, am i waiting for it, dunno why recently i been thinking of u when i was alone in my room, when i scared, boring, but y, i think i was over but maybe not...

going to ipoh with daddy later...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


there had been a long time i did't blog d. coz of the rushing of so much assignment and many hav to redo. that y. now is back to normal and waiting to final to come. before will be going for a trip 1st relax abit only start studying. haha...ermm, during this period was very stress frens around me finish their assignment earlier that me as they hav expect for the every subject and they manage to work on it much more faster than us. stress dao...haha they all around look free, that was stressing. however it is over, haha so next thg to do is to plan for the picnic day we will having at teluk batik hehe. hope that will be a nice trip.

when to go kl neh...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

---KL DesiGN WeeK---

just went to the kl design week...it was nice, i held in national arts center and cap square, regret that i did't buy that book, haiz. here are the photo's link onli...hehe^^

Part 1
Part 2