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Friday, July 31, 2009

---HeaD SpiNNinG---

too much is too much...lets hav a count,

Week 10
  • PM presentation
  • EC Assignment part a done, part b create website (in progress)
  • CS Assignment 1 (pointillism)
  • CS exercise 1 (Colors Wheel 1/2 progress)
  • CS exercise 2 (Color Mixing 0% in progress)
  • CS exercise 3 (duno wat ardy???? not started yet)
following week weeks
  • IM Flash (dunno how to do lar T.T)
  • CS Assignment 2 (Music association)
  • CS Assignment 3 (not assigned yet)
  • CS exercise 4 (not assigned yet)
  • CS exercise 5 (not assigned yet)
  • CS exercise 6 (duno got anot XD)
  • CS Group assignment (research on colors)
  • CS Presentation (colors of Japan)
  • MP final group assignment (Crocs dunno wat next, print ads???TVC???dunno ar)
  • PS group draft (persuasive speech draft)
  • PS group presentation (apa tu persuasive speech)
  • EC Presentation (------)
too much thg to do lar...especially colors studies..lor miang mie...

wishing list (recent)
  • Go Hot Spring
  • Go Cameron
  • Go Sing-K
  • Go Sleep
  • Watch Pokemon
  • Go Shopping
  • ..................
dun think too much, go for sleep and start to face the reality 2moro, nite T.T

daddy, i will drink more water...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

---I ThiNK It LooK CuTE---

received an e-mail about dun eat too much raw food where it will cause u

When i look at this pic, i feel like it look great, coz i think tat all the worm fill in the hole in the brain, and all the worm arranged equally and it reali look cute.
if got a chance i would to dig out all the worm, i think tat tat would be a reali syok moment...yuhooo...

suddenly my fren asked me, can u imagine if the owrm is inside ur head wat will u feel???

the ans is : i will squeeze all of them out...hahahahahahahaha

anyone who think this look nice, pls contact me ya. we can be reali good fren...XD

juz cant stop thinking of it...

Friday, July 24, 2009

---U aLL R JuZ GrEaT---

recently is in down mood...
feeling wana vomit everyday...
coz of stress...
from financial...work...etc

suddenly reviewing my blog comment feeling better...
simply bcoz when ever i post somthg emo...
u all will be here to comment and ask to help me...
thx alot my frens...

thx alot...Y???LHJ is not there...bcoz u never comment...
ehhhh...got got got once lor...haiz

need time to rest...

Friday, July 17, 2009

---I Did'T SleEP AgAiN---

the purpose this time i did't sleep is bcoz we promised to go Fu Shan to hav dim sum, so in order to let me go on time, i rather not sleeping...XD Fu Shan moved to opposite "ming kok", at 1st when rmb last time went Fu Shan, whic is still the old Fu Shan i like the environment there, coz it is comfortable, but when joey said it is better than b4 i was curious how would it be, and suprisingly, it is reali reali reali grand and high class.
a lot of Fung-Shui applied on the design.
our tea, Hio Pin
we ate alot,
"har gao""lai you bao"(my favorite)"wu tou gou""ma tei gou""wu gok""ju yok yun zuk"
and other such as "siew mai", "har giun", "zha wantan", "char siew bao", and many more.

those human being who is going...
after this Fu Shan dim sum, we went bac kampar, and i slept. 2day was reali a great day, she is reali a good, open minded lecture.

am i too bored...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

---NeW ReD | NeW Me | NeW LiFe---

in order to accept n celebrate my new hair color, after went bac home me n jia yi started to cam whoring for it...n pick some pics and one of it ardy become the header of my blog...hahahaha...there are 3 more i'm going to edit it, but dunno wat to put beside it, still considering...

last one this is edited in a different word...from the header...
hope the hair color can stand long...


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

---OppS...iT ReD---

juz dye my hair...
suppose it should be in quite brown..
but when it contacted wif sunlight



haiz...nevermind lar not tat worst actually...
not too red lar...juz red add orange lor...haiz

p/s: Hawaii stop saying i'm gay or bi, red color hair dun mean tat ok...

going kl this week...TC

Monday, July 13, 2009

---AnY LenG LuI To InTro---

during mid nite, miss burger saw my fb comment by a leng lui YaYa from teluk intan. she started to hiao, ermm asking me who she is lar this and tat, then i say she got a little bit juz a little bit "meat"(for sure when yaya see this she will kill me). then she suddenly say "HUH". OPPSS i 4goten she likes skinny de, then started to intro Shu Ping lar, Shiao Ping lar, Beat-Rice lar, and the one who discussed on the convo. after she see the profile she say, chie this is a faker...lol.(this another person are going to kill me also) i do hav few similarity wif her whic is we both born in 29th and we both are PHOTOSHOPER. hahahahaha I guess u knw who u r...hehehehehehe

Sorry for not giving enough love 2 u...
but u given more...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

---NeaRly ShiT oN My PanT---

2day was a blast, after leave lim wei's car to service, we went to jelapang to get ah theng's IC, at 1st the highway from ipoh to Jelapang the toll is free, after that we get the IC d and get bac to Ipoh, i assume tat go bac is the same so went to the same highway but the result is i did't get my highway ticket and even the TnG and the direction i'm going is to Kuala Kangsar. ohhhhh SHIT....how am i going to go off from this highway. luckily b4 the terowong ther are ppl ther and they open the gate for me to U-turn. but another thg happen is, how am i leave the toll when i reached there. ohhhh GODDD...is time to face it, after my explaination, the person who in charge say NO WAY u will not get the ticket and i asked then wat can i do, he said "kamu perlu bayar enam belas lapan" at 1st i was thinking luckily is juz sixty eight riggit, but then after my brain started to digestthe word onli i realise it is juz 16.80 =.=|||...GOD BLESS finally i bac to Ipoh d...pyuuu...feeling my stomach started to beat me when i am nervous...hohohoo

simply will worry u...

Thursday, July 9, 2009


daddy come and visit me this night, another purpose is to change bac the car for me. we went tesco and after that went to Golden Sand restaurant for a yam cha section. there is a very funny waiter there, when he giv bac the change he used a very disgusting voice to flirt at us, yark. then 2nd time he used his body language to show us, wat was tat. damn disgust, by the way it was funny during that time, all table around us started to speak loudly and come out wif, "F ppl's mama" that kind of words. hahahahaha. but do miss my dad so much. and my bro as well.

it is floating on the surface...

Monday, July 6, 2009

---ChooSinG BtW ThE "T"---

next public speaking presentation will be started next week. the theme for this presentation is informative speech, by informing thgs ppl might not know. there are lot of categories to be chosen, process, people, object, event and theory. i hav chosen 2 topic but still considering whic to choose.

Topic 1
"How to make tofu"
easy to explain, not much research needed but not that interesting.


Topic 2
harder to organize, too short, very interesting

whic should i choose, play it safe or give it a try...

P/s: linlin and baobao got any idea ar...or other topic...

under seeked...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

---My MooD InFLueNcE ThE TasTe of My CookinG---

dunno wat happen 2day, my cooking suckzzz 2day...

a BITTER soup
a SALTY egg
a HARD pork
a OLD vege

ooo...not tat bad mood actually, juz simply very tired...

excited to going back hometown...^^

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


pls giv me PRIVACY

*stop looking at my screen when i'm msn
*stop staring at my ph when i'm text-ing

all i need is privacy, PRIvacy, PRIVACY