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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

---PeNaNG...PeNaNG...PeNaNG---(Part 3)

~25 DEC

after ridding the boat bac to penang we went to eat seafood and another situation happen, but it will also happen on those tourist who dunno hokien, me mummy nian yong and chun hai reached there 1st, but i am the 1st to ask for the seat the uncle say:

uncle: *@#%*%@#$#$*&%^(hokien la, not rude word)

i am standing there and staring at the uncle, the situation was awkward, i dun understand at all wat the uncle said and mummy was juz standing bside and c wat is my respond.haha help me!!!!!hokien
after we eaten our seafood for dinner another thg freaked me out, the total amount we ate is RM314 and nian yong said RM300 la, the boss said OK...huh discount RM14 she so "dai fong" ar. i did't eat "shi ham" i won't go back, so they all brought me to "old guan zai", i ordered half KG of shi ham and ate its all by my own, then they started to teach me hokien, we also ordered "Turbo-sui", "LaLa" and "BaLi-Dong" haha weird names. after we ordered we found that we cant finish all of its so we call wei leng to help, dim zhi not enough to eat, we ordered another plate of "Turbo-sui" and "Yuhu-Engcai".after we finished all the food, we walk by the seaside then went back to rest lo. weileng bring out his polo-oil for me to hug haha....very soft lo.

finally finish 25 DEC

~26 DEC

whole day of 26 is all abt shopping, we went Pragin Mall and Queensbay Mall....
afternoon Junji, wen chiao and yu jun is going bac so we sent them to bus station and BYE BYE la...c ya. then i also join fei pit they all coz they all are in penang. the nite of 26 for me is juz {FOOD POISONING} cause by "HALF KG SHI HAM" mix "TOM YAM",
i went to c dostor he giv me injection on my back side, pain lo. then ar....i realease pepejal seperti realease cecair and vomit lo. bad shi ham...T.T

~27 DEC

the next day fell sick lo, walk queensbay again then met weileng CH and Zning we went to eat "Chocolate Fantasy Fondue"

they are going to swimming later so they left earlier, we bought ticket to watch "Beverly Hill Chi wawa" but still got time so we enjoy a tea break at the T-bowl bside the cinema.reali reali sick d lo tat time, so dun rmb so much ardy,
but i do love Penang
love my frens who were there(not include those from bidor...haha)
love Gurney
love Queensbay
love Christmas
love Pantai Kerachut
and finally

i still
love u...

ok la....till here la

~~~~~THE END~~~~~

daddy daddy pls let me go Langkawi...PLS

Monday, December 29, 2008

---PeNaNG...PeNaNG...PeNaNG---(Part 2)

~25DEC (2ND part)

we slept at 530am then woke up at 1030am then we went to eat wantan mee. thg will not be 4goten is games, go bac jump and "tang wo men tong zai yi qi". after that we but food and drink at tesco and started our journey to Pantai Kerachut(if not misspelling). there are 2 way to go to Pantai Kerachut, by boat or walk through the mountain or Jungle la. we chosen to walk so walk lo. we took photo b4 we proceed.

then started to walk lo, 1stly the road was nice, but when started to step into the forest the lane is slippery, curvy and hard to walk. we sambil walk sambil sing then play took pics along, we seperated, joined bac, we stop we continue, we think we were lost but actually not, finally FINALLY we used 1 and 1 quater hours i think to reach pantai kerachut, but it WORTH.

the 1st thg we do when we 1st reached there is to.......take off other ppl pant, i also hav no choice and they surrounded me and acttack me T.T...then we play by the seaside lo, play games walk walk shout shout sing sing is time to go back lo, every1 was tired, earlier our plan is to go out by the jungle but hen lei ar, so use boat lo. (if giv me to choose again i will choose to walk...u will knw later). the boat is here we pack our belongings and get into the boat. we were so happy and took photo and chun hai, Kning n wei leng sat at the front of the boat also. so fun horrrrr. some1 started to cam whoring also, haha u get to "ji pai " then 55 take more la if not no chance de la...
then the most danger situation i been experienced, it make me regret y i choose to ride boat, when the boat come to the center of the sea the wave bcome bigger and bigger the wave bring our boat to up to the sky around 2-3 meter high and the boat straight away smash to the sea if we did't hold our hand on the holder there we will fall down from the boat and eaten by shark(i knw there is no shark there but many jellyfish lo). the situation last long, it is abt 6min i think, we shout shout shout y we take boat le...T.T...finally reached la...haha

there are more but need to go kl lo.blog till here 1st la...update later


---PeNaNG...PeNaNG...PeNaNG---(Part 1)

~24 DEC

this is the day i'm awaz waiting for, a chance to go Penang. me and my camp's fren spend our Christmas eve and Christmas and few more days there. i started from my hometown at 330pm then reached penang by 830pm. i take my bus alone coz the others are taking the bus 1 hour late than me. their bus are full. reached there wei leng come and fetch me on the way he fecthing me to the food court he keep on saying he is very close wif yujun lol. in additional he doing many nonsense but funny thg he is reali a funny guy. i do rmb 1 thg how to make the car bhind can't c ur car back light by not increasing the speed...

ans: switch off ur light......dingggggg.....lame but funny haha...

then we wait for the others to come n we gather at Gurney we started to warm up and ice breaking abit then screaming...

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...MERRY CHRISTMAS~~~~

~25DEC (1ST part)

we dance we sing it was fun...haha...nice to be wif those guys during Christmas. then we been seperated to sit different cars to nian yong hous. the car i will be sitting is wei leng's 1 and he got some IMPORTANT business to do so me n mummy go n buy some food and eat in front of the sakura. we take some pics also.haha.

we went to nian yong hous and exchange present our way to exchange is a little bit different, the person who draw will be ordered to do some action by the person whos he picked , like sing, and somthgs 18xx.lol after many ppl had been picked their no. is my turn i hope tat i won't get no.18 coz that is henry and ren hong's present whic is some junk foods, but....i reali get wat i dun wan. y dun i go buy lotery...Shxt
it is smarties...

we started from 130am and ended 500am. swt a thg that can finish in 5 min we done it in few hours.

stop here 1st coz ardy late nite lo there are stil many thgs happen on 25 of DEC but need to sleep now...kaka nite la...

MEGASALES wait for me...
i haven buy any cloth...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

---A CaLL FroM TIGER FC---

2day afternoon suddenly receive a call....

A: hi it is mr. Ho xx xxxx
me: yes i am

A: i'm calling from tiger fc...
me: (stunned for few second....wat tats o...oooo i remember la i registered the membership de. but i did't receive any offers lo.) ar ok.

A: we wanna do a survey wif u...r u free now?
me: oooo ok lo.

A: where r u from?
me: (dun u hav my details, if not how u get my name n ph. no) errr perak.

A: ok, how old r u?
me: (again) 18.

A: ok, u hav any family members or relatives are working in the field of advertising, promotion or sales.
me: (i wanna tell u tat i am the 1 who is in the field...lol) no.

A: ok, do u try tiger b4?
me: yup

A: ok, then wat others beer brand u hav heard or tried b4?
(then she come out wif all sort of brand like carlsberg, wat green label, then guiness black la dunno wat gold la.....at least she had mentioned 20 types of beers...)
me: ermm...tiger carlsberg, guiness, heineken and turborg.

A: ok, recently do u c any ads abt beer?
me: got, carlsberg and heineken lo.

after that is the Q that i'm juz require to answer my SATISFACTION by using no. from 1-5
5 is the highest & 1 is the lowest:

A: how do u think abt ur status now...
me: 4 lo...

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah....
(a Q tat freak me out)

A: ur appearance or 样子??
me: (huhhh....need to say 5 or 1 le...damn la so hard to answer @.@) 3 lo.

that end the Q of 1-5.
after that ask abt the duration.

A: ok, do u drink beer in the pervious 3 month...1month...1week...wat brand
me: yes, heineken and tiger...yes, tiger...yes, tiger.

A: ok thx for ur cooperation.
me: u r welcome....

our survey done in 12minute and 36sec.
hiuhhhh....finally finish it. haha i will not answer any call abt surveying nxt time coz they will ask u to giv point to urself appearance....lol

going penang 2moro....kaka

---CaMeRoN AGaiN---

After the leadership camp in Cameron last Monday I am going to Cameron on the coming Sunday wif my family. We started at 830am and we reached Cameron around 11pm. after we reached Cameron the 1st place we went is Tanah Rata park. we went there to hav our breakfast and my little bro n i hav taken some pics.

after had our breakfast at the park we straight away went to Equatorial Hotel tat we booked earlier to check in our room. but thhe staff there say the room is cleaning, if the room is done they will call us. ok lo dad bring some 'fu zhu' for his Cameron's fren then we went to 'Ngau kei' restaurant at Kg. Raja to hav our lunch.(the ngau kei restaurant make me think of Kning cow cow...haha...lol) dad ordered a bizarre food which is called 'curry lizard' or 'four leg snake wif curry'. my 1st reaction was : huh!!!!u sure we wanna eat tat. ok lo then u order we ma eat lo. the taste of it is like chicken meat mixed wif mutton, it taste milky yuckssssssssss....

after had our lunch we went back to the hotel to check whether the room is done anot, but sorry sir pls wait for another hour. ok we went to the cactus valley there that me n my camp fren went b4. i bring my dad to c their lettuces and others vege and how they plant all those thgs.

after that i bring dad to c the giant pumpkin dad found tat the joint of the pumpkin wif those leaf are seperated so dad jugde tat mayb the pumpkin is not planted there maybe it move from some where else. we was tired, so we sat down and hav some food and drink especially won't miss their strawberry products. these are wat we ordered.

the 3rd times we went back to the hotel to ask for the room, my cousin say if this time also not done yet, he will scold the guy, luckily we got our room kaka. i am so tired i take a nap b4 our nxt destination. i woke up around 730pm, i time to hav our dinner, we went to the 'xi yang cai' garden to hav our steamboat.

after dinner is time to bac to the hotel coz is raining, cousin suggest to hav a glass of liquor at the hotel's bar but daddy wanna sleep d so we did't go lo. I WANT LIQUOR...T.T nxt day in the morning we went for breakfast then go n walk walk at those shop or stall on the side of the road. my bro n cousin went to the 'Time Tunnel' bcoz it will cost RM5 per person so me n dad waiting out side lo. b4 tat we took some cactus and flower pics la.

after that we went back hotel and pack our belongings is time to go back. b4 we go back me n my bro took some pics outside of our room.

we are on the way back home lo T.T on the way back i saw ppl are selling somethg called potato king whic a whole biji of potato sliced in to pieces on a stick the fry. wah so interesting so i buy lo. it taste great, is good to sell it at pasar malam sure 'Ching Ching' $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

then we continue our way going bac home a won't miss thg tat every ppl should do when they go cameron is the tea estate. although last time me n my camp fren dun get to go there, but this time i will make it, but they are closing on Monday...Alamak...can't go also lo....haiz but the guard say we can take picture but there is juz no tea selling onli ok lo..i take some pics lo...

then i saw their toilet so funny de. putting 2 different language seperated make me think of 1 side is for mat-salleh and the another side is for Malay...haha

tat was the last station we stopped after tat we juz straight away back home. there is different feeling going wif family and fren but obviously i think tat fren is more nice to going out wif haha...

penang penang penang...