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Friday, September 25, 2009

---Go oR DonT---

as mention in the previous post, the 1st thg will be doing after exam is to attend a bbq that held in a fren house whic we didt contact for half year. the main reason of we didt talk is becoz of some argue btw us whic happen on CNY. after that we didt talk didt chat. fren around me all knw this incident, and where ever place he will attend i will not, and for him as well. they wont call up both of us 2gether. few month ago we met, in that gathering, we didt talk it was like dunno, awkward. few days ago, i asked him on msn abt my passport thg, he do reply i was shocked tot he wont reply after that it was a bit pleasure.

we use to be best fren, at least i think we were. u knw my thg well, u r a good fren, u will ask me everythg u going on, honestly u are the only one who i ever met in bidor that feel comfortable to be fren wif, i hope u do.

now the most struggle part is here, i dunno how u feel about it, when Ah yan ask whether wanna join the bbq anot, i tot it is ur idea to ask me there, of coz i will say yes, but after asking wai lik abt this onli i realize is their idea of inviting me. if the bbq held in other place for sure i will feel more comfort wit it but unfortunately it held in ur house...OMG if i going it make me feel like i'm so thick skin...damn wat to do now.

Go or Dont

ntg in the past is important...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

---ShorT UpDaTe---

the final is coming to the end, i mean coming the last paper is Media planning whic fall on this saturday after the exam finish, a list of stuff is waiting for me.

on the day, did't expect i were invited to join a BBQ party tat held in a fren's house whic we had no contact in half year time, so surprise i were invited XD.

27 September 2009
going bac kampar for another BBQ party for the purpose of celebrating joey's and jia yi's bufday.

28 September 2009
stay till night and fetch Jia yi and lim wei to ipoh to take their KTM. after that, going bac Bidor alone =.=

resting period: 30September -1 October 2009

2 October 2009
going to kl to meet up wif burger after that will be going to Moon Splash party as she told, but i was thinking if do not do earlier reservation, will we be possible to squeeze in??? XD

3 October 2009
staying at kl for shopping and bac to bidor again...

4 October 2009
Pack stuff and ready for taiwan.

5 October 2009
go kl for the next day departure.

6 October - 16 Octoday 2009
left M'sia and be in Taiwan for 10 days XD

(p/s: we are going wif air asia not singapore airlines)

17 October 2009
pack thg and ready to bac kampar/

18 October 2009
staying in kampar preparing for the next day.

19 Octorber 2009
new semester started T.T

tat the end of my semester break, wat a rush but fun hahahaha...
so excited to finish the last paper although will not be good but wanted to end it faster...



Sunday, September 20, 2009


after get the loan the 1st gadget that will be buying suppose to be D90, but end up the 1st thg is...


scroll down



bcoz of my phone alwaz sot so ardy decide to change, earlier discussed to change it to iphone, but then if buy it in retail price is not worth and if open line, i didt call tat much, sooner later end up of buying this >.< N97 there hav been a long time didt use nokia, need some time to make use of it~~~thank you daddy muackksss, although u might think i'm a realistic or materialistic son, but if i dun take it, others will grab it....@@ hahahahah kidding

seterusnya, SUPPOSE i can get my D90 by 2day, bcoz of the staff of the shop accidentally sold the lens to others so i been force to wait till thursday, damn!!!

still considering wanna buy itouch anot coz used alot on the ph, CC got other nice Mp4 anot if got will get them hyek hyek hyek***

2moro is the party...Yeah

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

---Tak AdA HanTu---

xxx: "sorry if ur passport is not exceeding half year b4 ur travel the custom will disable ur tarvel..."

calling to Airasia make me feel "kan cheong" i need to renew my passport ASAP so i can still going to taiwan. hehe the new passport can be collected 2moro, yes Taiwan wait me i'm coming XD

rushing up to ipoh for the purpose of renewing passport is a waste so went to see the SG movie "Tak ada hantu" (actually is "where got ghost") reali funny and scary but yet meaningfull. the 1st scene and 2nd is ntg for me but the last one was reali touching mayb is becoz of self experience hahaha so the next will be in chinese ^^












1st blog out wif tear...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

---My PoiNT---

after finished moral exam, it was a release walked to block G...ohh god damn nice, look like resort rather than Uni ^^

planed to sleep the whole day in house, bcoz of my clever little maid, washed my short jean into a very weird smell jean and the color is lighten. but that is the onli short jean a got so on the spot saying wanted to go ipoh to shop for some pant...hahahaha

took our dinner at My Point, i think they changed their owner the food there is down graded. no more My Point next time. from the menu wif over 50 choices of meal left lesser than 40 choices, from 3 side dish on the main dish, left salad and fries ****yark, from a bigger proportion become a smaller, everythg is disappointing, although the price been lower to 13++ but i willing to spend over 20++ to get bac the food from the previous My Point. haiz...

after that, went jusco for shopping, feeling very guilty used so much money in a few hours hahahaha

now trying to make a budget for all the expenses so it wont over budget...

next war is Colour Studies, Ganbate ^^


Thursday, September 10, 2009

---GentinG ConT---

so as i hav no mood to study yet, juz wanted to do other staff besides studying then edited some pic abt joey's, C cian's and Tai's emotion hahaha

going to genting my main purpose is to rest and enjoy the breeze rather than going outdoor or casino or any other thgs tat will stress me up. purpose of jiayi same like me, and Lim wei's main purpose is to get him closer wif his SPRING hahahahah XD.

lastly for the old fellow for sure is casino, but so unlucky all of them lose and dun even win a game, pity some more wif the result of IM marks make them become more mad T.T wat to do

1st the oldest Tai

so confident that he will win, and not becoming the shit but end up wif losses and when get to knw the IM marks dissapointing.

2nd old fellow Joey

same as tai, confident and saying tai will make him lose but end up losses as well, but ntg change coz he is rich XD, the next day knew som1 IM marks is higher started to DuLan, Calm down or blog to release ur anger lar ^^

Last, youngest among the older

the most confident one and lose the most hahahaha, plan to "pok sat" again on the next day...@@

it was fun and relaxing, like it so much^^

still need to bac to the reality is time to study, but wanted to take a nap 1st TaTa...

Fxck off...

---ReaLiStiC & MaTeRiaLisTiC---

there have been 1 month i did't bac to hometown, the day i bac is my dad off day, so decided to have baskin robbin as dessert after dinner, daddy promised tat, but after a call he say cant make it.

all i wan is juz to have a family day or even nite, but y tat BITCH got the rite to ruin all tat,


end up going wif my bro...

i was angry and show him my expression, becoz i canot pretend ntg happen, then the next day he giv money to me as he promise to buy me iphone, is it he think tat i'm his son becoz i wanted to get his money or is that the trick of that BITCH to make our relationship worst, FUCK

now got the money then confusing on reali wanna buy it anot DAMN


moral exam fall on saturday...

Monday, September 7, 2009

---It's HoT---

a very long time a go ardy planned to go sungkai hot spring finally we got a chance to go after finish up all the assignment. but very unlucky tat the day we went, the cold water part is under renovation so we unable to get there. wat a waste.

List of Guest:

Chia Hui


C Cian

Lim wei

Mei Yee and Xiao Xiao

Jia Yi



Brought they to hav breakfast at bidor, then only we realize all food in bidor is very expensive the breakfast we had even the lunch as well.

group pic

after that went for movie Final destination 4, SUCKSSS coincident yarksss...too ridiculous

b4 dinner go for the new restaurant at jusco...all the waiteress there is so HIAO...uecksss

the credit for the menu

Lemon Soda *.*

Joey's Spaghetti

my ramen

one more hour to bac ipoh from genting...bye bye

everyone now is beh song-ing wif their IM marks...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

---FrEEzInG ColD---

sitting outside the 1st world hotel starbuck whic is smoking area...
WTF its ardy smoking area summore got an uncle rub his toes beside my table...
ohh FUxK damn disgusting and SMELLY...uecksss

Hazelnut Chocolate too sweet...~.~

checked mail box, found miss jazz sent me the result and it is disappointing...

very cold ar...^^

going back 2moro lor...

Thursday, September 3, 2009


after finishing all the assignment, test.....
finally we r merdeka... but actually quite boring hahaha...
C "fan jin". nothing to do while waiting for 4PM IM class rewinding all the pics in the laptop, rmb jia yi told tat when she look bac to the old picture of mine she feel very funny and weird, then i decided to do a timeline for the past 3years...(hahahaha...like some1 going to die)

Graduation day (2006) with Ong jie...(fat face)

Graduation day (2006) with wai lik.

2006 - the hair is growing longer.

actually in btw the year 2007 i went to work at kimgary and the look of me reali changed alot but didt take any photo.

this is the 1st photo i take in foundation if not mistaken is sem 1...sorry for exposing ur old pic here XD

the hair actually done wif twist perm if not mistaken, coz juz wanna giv it a try...looking bac at it i feel very...puke*

went to be a helper for summer live concert

try another new hair style but it failed, so cut all it off XD

after that is time for the degree year...
this is for K.ning's assignment purpose, went to lost world of tambun...

become a model for Julien's assignment ^^

2008 Qing ming, i like the hair coz the side of my hair look nice...i think lar


Yeah it is semester break, is time for travel. the break will be run for 3 months

i could't believe i got that kind of hair style OMG

Sucksss....jia yi say look like Malay XD

after thatcut it short d...look better hahahaha

its growing...

TATA...it get bac to the normal

this could be the longest hair i had...i think

sem 2 during CNY

hahahaha...this face look so...duno how to explain XD

the face for KL design week :)

2 big head...haha

Long hair no...

cut it...i like this look...coz it look cleaner

Year 2 alot of experience then new hair colour, no more for now

the face is getting old T.T


bac to children hahahaha

the look determined by my hairstyle, dunno y when it long i look old when it short i look like kid...@@
whatever but wif all sort of memory i had i feel happy wif it since god hav given me everythg to enjoy...thx gods :)

thx for the emmmmm...XD