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Friday, November 20, 2009

---Time FoR MiRaCle---

what is 2012 all about...
after watched the movie, knew tat some ppl concern about their beloved, families, friends even an animal in treated better than themselves
in another way round, for some of them, they own is the most important in the world
families is nothg for them

can money buy everthg?
without money there is no modal to build the giant ship
y when it is coming to the end, human being is still realistic
do they know about the future?

looking outside of the car window,
looking downward from the plane,
standing inside the giant ship.
when leaving them from the place,
they become memorable.

will civilization delete the words, stereotype, discrimination and bias from the dictionary?
will everythg change?
we will never knw whether the changes is better or worst,
because human being use to learn from mistake,
without mistake we won't be improved.

This is a nice song, sang by Adam Lampart <3
as the 2012 end credit song~

Time time time...

Friday, November 6, 2009


Day 3

When to "Zhong Zheng Ji Nian Tang"
woke up at the early morning to catch up wif the breakfast shop as day 2 we are too late for it.

"WXL" chop burger XD

Egg Onion "Zuan Bing" (if not mistaken)

mine one is Egg bacon sandwich (nice ^^)

as in taiwan they have a lot of breakfast shop and i reali love their BACON...hahaha

5 of us

we take MRT to "Zhong Zheng"
there is a interchange line to "XiMen"
rmb the slang of the Hakka damn funny...hahahaha


"Guo Jia Xi Ju Yuan"

"u r not allow to....so much rules O__O"

Gac and Shir

Play Girl Gac

Ready to Jump

Starting from the 1st one, we cam whore alotsssssss.....XD

Thx for miss jean who is expertise in cam whoring XD

mukku:"wait for me..."

Auto-selling machine



Jean & Gac (Juz Kidding)


Again and again***

Mukku:"Spot me...hehehe"

this is it....

"Zi Pai Nv Wang"

before leaving there, Gacky suggested to take a photo by her polaroid,
but unfortunately the photo over exposed,
then we try another but result still the same,
then Gacky started to emo...XD

after for the cultural visit, we head bac to "Gong Guan"
to cut hair...hhehehe

this is the You-you Card at taiwan (like touch N go)
p/s: edmond one is student one, so different color.

before going to cut our hair, we went to eat ice...hahaha

like the yam so much very nice^^

we ordered different combination

b4 eating the ice we been to the ph shop to buy a sim in taiwan as wat Gacky's mom forced her to do so, to buy the sim is quite expensive so we did't buy it. when heard that the rate call bac M'sia is 20 oer minute, i was "Waooo!!! hou gui ar..." actually is NT20 so whic mean is RM2++ hahaha, not use to there yet....XD

to be continue...