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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

---That WaS a BaD Dream---

When i'm having dinner with frens, suddenly we started to chat about dream. it started bcoz i hav DejaVu 2day when carrying the stock from block A to block B.

the story is:
along the way we are going to miss liong started to chat wif me (during that time i notice that i hav been experieced it or seeing this scene in my dream the next is Lim wei will talk to me) Bingo, lim wei talk to me, suddenly i recalled that the next scene is "DH" shout at me and asked me about the money of the notes i photostated and he even called all his classmate and surounding me asking "why so expensive de...why...expensive leh", ohhh luckily "DH" did't appear.**pyu(even he appear also nevermind, i did't did anythg wrong.haha)

but actually it make me rmb that few days ago i dreamed my dad and that Bxtch is going to married. that was scary, i won't not like that to be happen. should i attend their wedding or should i not attending or should i destroy their wedding but for 100% answer i won't agree and won't attend their wedding. ya mayb i'm cruel, but in my situation i think this probaly is the best way to solve it, i can't stop them but i can done somthg to make myself feel more comfortable.

god hav god power,
human hav human power,
dun over estimate ur power as what can a god do...