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Wednesday, October 28, 2009



after visiting "Xing Yi Shang Quan" and places around 101
we are going to women paradise, "wu fen pu"

for ur information, "wu fen pu" is like a distributor for the retailers at
"Xi Men Ding" and "Dong Qu"
so the price of their products will be lower than others out in taipei.
(its more suitable more women bcoz less guy shop there =.=)

after a whole day outing around Taipei main city we are tired and hungry,
on the way we go to "Wu Fen Pu" we go and have a dinner at

"Hu Xu Zhang"

the food we having is "Lu Rou Fan"there are 2 types of "Lu Rou Fan" Chicken & Pork, i like the pork one^^

Shir and Ed


C how much we ate...O.0

Burger so hiao~~~

Here we are "Wu Fen Pu"

that day, Burger and Gacky are the champion, both of them buy alot...XD

after that we take MRT and bac to "Da Ping Lin"

Hiao again lol

we bac wif full of sactifactory...
and planning on where to go next day...
walking outside from 11am to 11pm...tiredddd~~~~

Up coming day 3...
so much to go @__@