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Friday, November 5, 2010

---The Girls' StuFF---

K-POP is a trend that hardly admire by guys. I do a group I admired TVXQ but not like a super fan, screaming "HHEERRROOOOOO" that type. =.=

After few years few frens bring the K-POP trend back to me (EJ Lim, Gino Cheah & etc) The only korean group I love the most is

SNSD O.o Girls Generation, they are just so gorgeous to be a perfect girlfren. XD
(excluding the piggy nose)
there are 9 members in the group my Favorite **jiang jiang**

Seohyun youngest among all.

Coming up next, this country trying to be POP but actually comparing it to K-POP they are really PORK. :D words cant describe, is better for you to watch it :)

Shinee - Ring Ding Dong


The Wanabe Version

although i dun think Shinee look great but the wanabe are even worst =.=

here come another Girls Wanabe, Fire By 2NE1


The Wanabe Version

WTF right? hahahahaha

before signing off lets balance your emotion and let you eyes enjoy a SNSD treatment


2moro will be a good day