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Monday, January 4, 2010

---My Baby---

2day is 4th of Jan which is Baby Teo aka Terry Teo aka Teo Lim Wei aka Uncle(called by Karmay)'s 21st birthday. Hurayyyy u can go casino d, i still got a year damn.
this is wat i wish for u errrr:

1. find ur true love
2. if u found hope she will be wif u
3. if she got a bf, hope she will break up ASAP
4. if juz break up, hope she will come to u and ask u for comfort
5. if u comforted her, hope she will fall in love
6. if she fall in love, hope u got the guts to confess
7. if u confess, hope she will accept
8. if she accept, hope u2's relationship can last very long
9. if it last long, hope u2 will get married
10. if ur got married, hope u 2 wil have alots of babies...XDDD

i wishes u 10 wishes XDDDD

anyway hope u will enjoy urself in ur big day =)

Happy Birthday