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Monday, November 17, 2008

---IT's OVER---

since the thg happen yesterday, i had decided to over all this. as i awaz said u r not treating me as fren although i am. u dun care abt our friendship i was frustrated, how can u do this, don't u remember wat we hav done wat we hav passes. we went trip, we share, we jk, we done many thg, but it seem that u juz wanted to end all this so i will help u. as wat i knew, seem that u find a substitute for me, u find som1 that will long gai wif u, hav the same interested song, knw where u put the song it seem u can hav a better friendship wif the person than me. u even make me feel that actually u r in love wif the person. then juz go for it i dun care abt our friendship any more. i knw it hard to get over, but i wil try to avoid to appear at every places u will appear. avoiding meeting u i think is the best solution for this.

in last word "IT's OVER"...

P/S: i remember we go to '求签' the person said horse n dragon will be very good fren....
i do believe this but not U