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Sunday, May 17, 2009

---CloRox oN Our FooT---

after the end of year 1 sem2, me and some of my frens are shifting out, base on the reason of we alwaz stick 2gether y dun juz live 2gether. last week after the exam on 11 of may, we washed our house with full of dust and dirt, it was hard. we bought clorox whic limwei likes and pour on the floor and started to brush. when we are brushing the 2nd floor, suddenly there are no water supply then the water cant reach outside the room. terrible. even some of the dirt on the floor are hard to be removed and we juz leave it. after that, mee yee and chia hui come for help although they are not living here, they bring us more clorox and water as well, work bcom easier wif the coming of them. we ended our mission and sit on the staircase and started to camwhore...haha

we spend our whole afternoon there and going to joey house for the ready of malacca trip..^^

p/s: this post suppose to be on 11 of May 2009 =.=

you are juz annoying...:p