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Monday, December 29, 2008

---PeNaNG...PeNaNG...PeNaNG---(Part 2)

~25DEC (2ND part)

we slept at 530am then woke up at 1030am then we went to eat wantan mee. thg will not be 4goten is games, go bac jump and "tang wo men tong zai yi qi". after that we but food and drink at tesco and started our journey to Pantai Kerachut(if not misspelling). there are 2 way to go to Pantai Kerachut, by boat or walk through the mountain or Jungle la. we chosen to walk so walk lo. we took photo b4 we proceed.

then started to walk lo, 1stly the road was nice, but when started to step into the forest the lane is slippery, curvy and hard to walk. we sambil walk sambil sing then play took pics along, we seperated, joined bac, we stop we continue, we think we were lost but actually not, finally FINALLY we used 1 and 1 quater hours i think to reach pantai kerachut, but it WORTH.

the 1st thg we do when we 1st reached there is to.......take off other ppl pant, i also hav no choice and they surrounded me and acttack me T.T...then we play by the seaside lo, play games walk walk shout shout sing sing is time to go back lo, every1 was tired, earlier our plan is to go out by the jungle but hen lei ar, so use boat lo. (if giv me to choose again i will choose to walk...u will knw later). the boat is here we pack our belongings and get into the boat. we were so happy and took photo and chun hai, Kning n wei leng sat at the front of the boat also. so fun horrrrr. some1 started to cam whoring also, haha u get to "ji pai " then 55 take more la if not no chance de la...
then the most danger situation i been experienced, it make me regret y i choose to ride boat, when the boat come to the center of the sea the wave bcome bigger and bigger the wave bring our boat to up to the sky around 2-3 meter high and the boat straight away smash to the sea if we did't hold our hand on the holder there we will fall down from the boat and eaten by shark(i knw there is no shark there but many jellyfish lo). the situation last long, it is abt 6min i think, we shout shout shout y we take boat le...T.T...finally reached la...haha

there are more but need to go kl lo.blog till here 1st la...update later