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Monday, December 8, 2008

---No DiFFeRenT---

it is good tat we had started to talk, i knw tat is she tell u to ask abt it and mayb is she wan u to start talk to me, although i think tat u should come by urself but as ah wei and ah bao said get to talk is ardy good, but wat i feel is tat actually tat is no different tat u talk wif me or not coz the feeling is different form b4, the place or position of me in ur heart hav replaced by another, i am not the 1st fren tat u may consider, but juz like a HI fren. dunno y i feel tat is more hard than we talk if compare when we having cold war. i knw i dun deserve to get tat from u, bt u said we will be fren like we usually be last time, but this is not wat we get or the frenship tat we r having last time.

although we talk, bt heart still pain...
going to camp at cameron till sunday...