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Saturday, February 28, 2009


photoshop hav no fate wif me, every com i hav also cant install photoshop cs3 even it is a new laptop, so i been forced to install cs2 lo, but my tutor say better i go and change it to cs3 or go for a cs4 la...ok lo then, mayb is me myself noob dunno how to install so i bring my laptop the technician to fix. after 1 day of trying the out come was my laptop still canot install cs3 so the technician install cs4 for me but problem come again. the cs4 been installed hav not crack de...so me n my frens ma clever clever ourself and download crack lo... but then the chow jia yi downloaded the keygen then i key in the product code...yeahhh the code was right but dunno whic part was wrong...suddenly pop out "product licensing expired" WTF* grmm...haiz again my laptop dun hav photoshop so then i uninstalled it but my fren trying to download the cs4 from the net then he giv the setup to me after installed successfully i try it but the same out com appear... arrrr so i try to search from the net "how if cs4 licensing expired" luckily i followed some step and downloaded a crack then YEAHHHHH!!! thx god i installed it correctly and can be use la...haha but cs4 is too graphical and not tat convenient of using it if compare to cs2 and 3...=.=|||

going taiping 2day...^^