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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

---SoMe CraP--


this video is a very funny video tat uploaded on youtube is abt a korean sing touch my body...very very very funny LMAO

and i can conclude 1 thg tat linlin's photography lecturer is from korean as both of them pronoun Camera as CAMEL...hahaha


very no mood since this monday. during multimedia tools for av class we r learning photoshop my laptop juz got cs2 then tutor is using cs3 and many feature only available in cs3 onli...T.T
but my laptop canot install cs3 la, T.T bring to technician then after used 1 day finally he help me to installed cs4 but wat i get hav not crack yet so i try to crack by myself but SHIT i banned even blocked me to activate the photoshop...arrrrrr haiz...hou charm ar...uninstalled cs4 arrrrr...
hou fan ar...when can i get my photoshop bac...errrrrr

need to work and work...