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Friday, February 27, 2009

---They R AvalaBle HeRe---

sorry for late posting this post...this post should be posted by previous week coz of busy-ness on assignment, work an work and work and my Photoshop system is down so i only manage to post it now...XD

if not mistaken it was 20 of Feb Burger and linlin came to kampar to meet us and do their photography assignment. there hav been a long time both of them never bac to kampar. every1 in kampar was so excited(mean juz kampar frens la not every1 la). the 1st thg we do when they reached kampar is to yam cha.haha. then we play the mafia game ermm they come to late so we juz hav some talk then straight away sleep d lu coz 2moro still go japanese class. i brought them to join our japanese class then after the class end we start our photo taking session. here are all the photo and som description. some of them might not hav coz lazy to write down all details.love this bicycle arrangementwe at sushi kingusing DSLR to self portrait haha

Ipoh unknown temple

Ipoh old town
haha...so happy they were here they teach me alot of camera thgs but i'm still a noob....

P/s:the stupid hawaii suddenly sms to lim wei and theng telling them me n burger sleep in 1 room =.=||| swt*

CK is withdrawing soon...
wishing he good luck in the rest of his life :)