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Monday, February 9, 2009

---"BloGGinG" wif UniForM---

as it is a crime to say it straight let make it in curve lol

yesterday was in ipoh, ipoh have some "event" it was jam-ming of car due to many "pasukan beruniform" bring out their "white laptop" wif little blue light on it and they also bring their "router" and "wireless modem" then started "blogging" on the road. all the "Internet access" hav been stuck due to their powerful "modem" and "laptop". the reason they "blogging" on the road is bcoz scare some disturbance might be happen to their "server" so they make the "Internet access" to slow in order to slow down the access or avoid the access of the "hacker". lol

so hard to explain, but this will never happen in perak de.lol hope it settled as fast as possible.

so much thg to be consider...