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Friday, March 27, 2009

---WTF OMG...caNt ExpRess My FeeLinG Now---

2day was the set up day for the open day. then i went to school wif my laptop to show miss ina my creation. but suddenly i moved my document folder into the picture folder,then i assume that was the shortcut BUT...it was not...i hav deleted the whole document folder even the folder is not in the recycle bin(as wat i knw a higher bit of files recycle bin won't keep) the losses i gain:

-the 10 weeks assignments for multimedia tools for advertising, 3 illustrator work and 3 photoshop work
-conceptual design logo designed
-all the other assignment...
(there mayb more losses are unfound yet...hope there are no T.T)

now wat can i do, juz to reso the SAME 6 assignments i hav done. "shi lo"

y r u bullying me...
i hav no support...