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Sunday, March 29, 2009

---金曜日(FriDaY) & 土曜日(SatUrDaY)---

as my stupid finger clicked on the delete button, i was forced to redo all my multimedia tools individual assignment and conceptual design CD cover which had completed. to save my time i was encourage try to do back the same thg as i did't b4, but i think tat was hard so i did't change the concept buy do it is different way. For illustrator, assignment 1 the cat are different from the original and the moon as well. but i think the 1st one is better.
the 2nd one is the same juz i added a logo for it and cloud are different.
(to compare)
the last one i totally change it. 1st one was a elf flying in the sky, but i cant find back the pic so i change it to this.

for PS i tried so hard to make it same as the 1st one. but cant coz i lost all of the picture needed, so it is quite weird compare to the printed copy. i'm tired of it...juz let it be.

cant relax now, nxt to do list

1st- Print those redone work (Deadline 30th of March 2009)
2nd- Copy Writing 1 print ads and the Report (i planned to do it in this 2 days but, grmmm i hate the feeling rushing for assignment) (Deadline 31th of March 2009)
3rd- Japanese assignment (Deadline 4th of April 2009)
4th- Multimedia Tools for Av's group assignment WAO (Deadline might be week 12 or 13)
5th- Japanese presentation (18th of April 2009)
6th- Conceptual Design's CD cover (1 of my loses need to redo ar) (Deadline week 14)

this is pack...tat all my terrible friday and saturday.

on duty for open day...