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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

---PoTaTo OniON & CurrY---

20 of March 2009
me jiayi and lim wei went to ipoh to buy files then mee yee suddenly appeared behind us then we go shop 2gether and the we when to parade and the 100円 shop to cc. then we bought the japan curry and miso soup. i planed to cook since every1 is going back to their hometown. the next day went to but onion and potato for the curry. me, lim wei, jia yi, heok theng and chia hui joining the dinner. here is wat i cooked
suppose there is no fried egg with onion de...but there is too much onion i bought.this also i bought too much potato end up wif mash potato but jia yi suggest to fried is to "Cola biscuit" as the taiwanese call it.then i asked she do u hav any "mian bao hong"(sorry duno wat it call in eng) she say dun hav, dun hav how to fried then i was thinking bread also can, asked for bread dun hav ok lo then i take biscuit lo. smash the biscuit till small small piece and fried it. result of that.and lastly my favourite drink...COCK(as wat jia yi alwaz pronouns as)

open day is this week...