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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

---100th Post---

my 100th post is abt my trip to taiping whic is also for assignment purpose de trip. copy writing our group hav chosen our topic as "Zoo Taiping" so we need to went there to do a research. we went to their night safari also. at 1st i assume tat we need to walk for the night safari but went reached ther onli i realize we can sit on the train de.=.=||| so we sat on it and see the night life of wildlife lo. b4 we were ther miss shageena told us that night safari hav ntg to c wo. but when we were ther i think tat night safari got la, juz less lo, quiet nice also and when com to the end we get to walk by our own and it was scary, coz u r surrounded by the green and u won't knw that there might be an animal jump out and attack us...=.= i knw the posibility should be 0% but i still scare...haha. after that we went bac our hotel and sleep lu. the other day in the morning we went to the zoo again coz the night and noon of the zoo will be different de. after exploring the entire zoo we got some ppl opinion and our target audiences are families(obviously) and couples(i still don't understand y will a couple went to zoo for dating although there are so many thgs tat proof to me that they will but i still dun understand.) that mayb all abt our trip.

for pics of zoo please click here

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