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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

---ShorT UpDaTe---

the final is coming to the end, i mean coming the last paper is Media planning whic fall on this saturday after the exam finish, a list of stuff is waiting for me.

on the day, did't expect i were invited to join a BBQ party tat held in a fren's house whic we had no contact in half year time, so surprise i were invited XD.

27 September 2009
going bac kampar for another BBQ party for the purpose of celebrating joey's and jia yi's bufday.

28 September 2009
stay till night and fetch Jia yi and lim wei to ipoh to take their KTM. after that, going bac Bidor alone =.=

resting period: 30September -1 October 2009

2 October 2009
going to kl to meet up wif burger after that will be going to Moon Splash party as she told, but i was thinking if do not do earlier reservation, will we be possible to squeeze in??? XD

3 October 2009
staying at kl for shopping and bac to bidor again...

4 October 2009
Pack stuff and ready for taiwan.

5 October 2009
go kl for the next day departure.

6 October - 16 Octoday 2009
left M'sia and be in Taiwan for 10 days XD

(p/s: we are going wif air asia not singapore airlines)

17 October 2009
pack thg and ready to bac kampar/

18 October 2009
staying in kampar preparing for the next day.

19 Octorber 2009
new semester started T.T

tat the end of my semester break, wat a rush but fun hahahaha...
so excited to finish the last paper although will not be good but wanted to end it faster...