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Monday, September 7, 2009

---It's HoT---

a very long time a go ardy planned to go sungkai hot spring finally we got a chance to go after finish up all the assignment. but very unlucky tat the day we went, the cold water part is under renovation so we unable to get there. wat a waste.

List of Guest:

Chia Hui


C Cian

Lim wei

Mei Yee and Xiao Xiao

Jia Yi



Brought they to hav breakfast at bidor, then only we realize all food in bidor is very expensive the breakfast we had even the lunch as well.

group pic

after that went for movie Final destination 4, SUCKSSS coincident yarksss...too ridiculous

b4 dinner go for the new restaurant at jusco...all the waiteress there is so HIAO...uecksss

the credit for the menu

Lemon Soda *.*

Joey's Spaghetti

my ramen

one more hour to bac ipoh from genting...bye bye

everyone now is beh song-ing wif their IM marks...