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Thursday, September 10, 2009

---GentinG ConT---

so as i hav no mood to study yet, juz wanted to do other staff besides studying then edited some pic abt joey's, C cian's and Tai's emotion hahaha

going to genting my main purpose is to rest and enjoy the breeze rather than going outdoor or casino or any other thgs tat will stress me up. purpose of jiayi same like me, and Lim wei's main purpose is to get him closer wif his SPRING hahahahah XD.

lastly for the old fellow for sure is casino, but so unlucky all of them lose and dun even win a game, pity some more wif the result of IM marks make them become more mad T.T wat to do

1st the oldest Tai

so confident that he will win, and not becoming the shit but end up wif losses and when get to knw the IM marks dissapointing.

2nd old fellow Joey

same as tai, confident and saying tai will make him lose but end up losses as well, but ntg change coz he is rich XD, the next day knew som1 IM marks is higher started to DuLan, Calm down or blog to release ur anger lar ^^

Last, youngest among the older

the most confident one and lose the most hahahaha, plan to "pok sat" again on the next day...@@

it was fun and relaxing, like it so much^^

still need to bac to the reality is time to study, but wanted to take a nap 1st TaTa...

Fxck off...