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Sunday, September 13, 2009

---My PoiNT---

after finished moral exam, it was a release walked to block G...ohh god damn nice, look like resort rather than Uni ^^

planed to sleep the whole day in house, bcoz of my clever little maid, washed my short jean into a very weird smell jean and the color is lighten. but that is the onli short jean a got so on the spot saying wanted to go ipoh to shop for some pant...hahahaha

took our dinner at My Point, i think they changed their owner the food there is down graded. no more My Point next time. from the menu wif over 50 choices of meal left lesser than 40 choices, from 3 side dish on the main dish, left salad and fries ****yark, from a bigger proportion become a smaller, everythg is disappointing, although the price been lower to 13++ but i willing to spend over 20++ to get bac the food from the previous My Point. haiz...

after that, went jusco for shopping, feeling very guilty used so much money in a few hours hahahaha

now trying to make a budget for all the expenses so it wont over budget...

next war is Colour Studies, Ganbate ^^