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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

---ShuT Up---

2day (now 314am mean yesterday) planned for movie G.I.Joe after having colour studies tutorial class. the class situation can blow with one matches. watever. think bac is it u do it rite, or it is ur own problem, dun blame on others.

after that went for movie on 4pm but the movie will be started at 645pm, so is time for Mcd ^^

*NEW chicken burger RM3 puke***

G.I.Joe is a reali nice movie, great sound effect, great story line, the only thing i think was when will our technology be advance as in the movie, 100++ or even 1000++ juz be realistic it too over. ==

hahahaha, so happy that all stressful thing is finished now s time to relax for few days and need to started to prepare for final.

ohh ya hot spring on friday

i-hong, i-hong come to daddy....XD