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Friday, September 25, 2009

---Go oR DonT---

as mention in the previous post, the 1st thg will be doing after exam is to attend a bbq that held in a fren house whic we didt contact for half year. the main reason of we didt talk is becoz of some argue btw us whic happen on CNY. after that we didt talk didt chat. fren around me all knw this incident, and where ever place he will attend i will not, and for him as well. they wont call up both of us 2gether. few month ago we met, in that gathering, we didt talk it was like dunno, awkward. few days ago, i asked him on msn abt my passport thg, he do reply i was shocked tot he wont reply after that it was a bit pleasure.

we use to be best fren, at least i think we were. u knw my thg well, u r a good fren, u will ask me everythg u going on, honestly u are the only one who i ever met in bidor that feel comfortable to be fren wif, i hope u do.

now the most struggle part is here, i dunno how u feel about it, when Ah yan ask whether wanna join the bbq anot, i tot it is ur idea to ask me there, of coz i will say yes, but after asking wai lik abt this onli i realize is their idea of inviting me. if the bbq held in other place for sure i will feel more comfort wit it but unfortunately it held in ur house...OMG if i going it make me feel like i'm so thick skin...damn wat to do now.

Go or Dont

ntg in the past is important...