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Saturday, January 10, 2009

---ByE ByE N-80---

my dearest bro's N80 2day is having a good bath wif him.lol i dunno how my little cutie bro fall his ph into the water pail all i knw is i heard a yell 'gor gor gor' then my bro covered in towel and telling me :"my ph drop into the pail". my reply"hou ar...hahahaha" then i continue wat i going to do. my bro was doing all the rescue job when i was surfing net in the room.

step1 : continue his bathing by putting the ph near the window under the sun.(of coz the cloth of the ph is removed)
step2 : finish bathing is time for the hair dryer. blow blow blow, blow those water.(acually it may cause the water to go even deeper)
step3 : he like to move it move it...shake those water out. lol
step4 : time to c the 1st response of the ph. turn it on, n turn on music in order to heat the ph so the water inside can be hydrated.(wat a brilliant idea my bro LMAO)
Finally : his ph is still functioning...yeah Hurray...u did it.lol (but the side effect was when music play by speaker the song is like some1 singing in an aquarium)lol

fixing thgs is the onli merit can be found in my bro. jia you ar...(ngor hou sui ar)

sorry betrayed u...lol