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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

---FuNNy MeSSageS---

recently received or saw some funny messages, so juz wanna share it here

the 1st is nt related, my best fren Miss Burger Liew giv me a kiss through sms, after i send she one...lol(wif a qoute of hou geli...lol)

2nd Miss Chow Da me
read it fast will become muackssss...then she continue to sent me the message again...lol
(y every1 wanna kiss me...lol)

nxt message is not from me but my Jin kak fren soong soong's 1...
he n his frens suspected that 1 of his guy fren might be in love wif him, so he try to smoke in front of the guy in order the guy will judge him in a different way or make his heart die gua...this is wat soong soong received after he smoke...i think the guy can be a good copy writer, a good slogan for smoking PSA...lol

this was wat he got when he did't reply...lol here com another slogan.

a different love may cause a different result, the way u treat a person will cause how he or she treat u bac...i warn u soong wai kit stop treating me like tat...