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Friday, January 23, 2009

---TiMe 4 DRawInG---

the 2nd tutorial we r having for conceptual design is abit different from the usual tutorial we r having, the 2nd tutorial held at outdoor, we sat outside of the ddk and Miss Ina asked somthg from us and separated them into 3different group and we decide whic we wanna start 1st. i donated my key as an item to draw also.
i picked Kning's water bottle and Miss Ina's hand bag as the 1st sketching.
Miss Ina instructed:"u hav 30sec to sketch when i say stop u muz stop" =.=
here is wat i sketched in 30sec
then change to another item, next item is my key and Lim Wei"s handph
we hav 60sec
here is wat i sketched in 60sec
then change again, this time is Kheng Guan's bag and Lim Wei's water bottle
we hav 120sec
here is wat i sketched in 120sec
lastly we get to choose wat we wana sketch in 10minute
i hav choosen my key and Lim Wei's handph
here is it...look so "yok sun" T.T
the meaning it all abt that 30sec, 60sec, 120sec and 10min is to let us knw how to focus on the most essential item or meaning tat wanted to present in an image.
at the final work, we need to use 3 different kind of pen or colouring item to create a picture for examples, pen, pencil, colour pencil, crayon, water colour and charcoal. after that pick a place and draw the thg u see.i hav chosen this and drew wif pen, pencil, colour pencil, crayon. tata
like children drawing...lol
need to improve if not, juz wait to repeat le...

still got tat pointalism need to be done...T.T