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Friday, January 2, 2009

---My NeW YeaR WiSH---

school is going to reopen few week later, after my school reopen u r leaving kampar soon. honestly i got the feeling of hard to let go. every memories tat u and me hav stepped i rmb in my mind, dunno whether u rmb anot la. after u will be leaving Kampar i dunno who else can replace u as u can easily find a replace of me. sometime i think tat i am stupid but dunno y i think it still worth. Fren i knw i should knw the society principle tat every1 hav it own career and life i should not be selfish and muz be more mature in order to survive. but i reali not feeling to let u go. hope after u been leaving Kampar u will be voluntary sms or call me, coz it will make me feel all those sacrifices i made in our frenship is worth. PLS dun 4get abt me...


sei yan bao FFK me...