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Sunday, January 25, 2009

---GoLDeN PieCeS---

when CNY comes, my house will produce some unique tauhu-pok whic suitable for the CNY. it is slide into thin slices in square shape, it look like some golden piece. every1 crazy for it, i dunno y. when my dad started to produce, there is ardy many ppl lining up for it, even fight for it =.=|||
crazy ppl. some of them even steal our tauhu, haiz this society...
this is how it produced, 1stly a big square of tauhuthen we seperate it.
is time to fry la.leave it to cold
hang it wif a string. COMPLETEDthis is the most popular tauhu to be sell during CNY. dun ask me to keep some for u, coz it will finish in a second. lol

Vios hit by a motorcycle...is me again T.T