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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


after i had experienced the work and cooperation with AV1 i ardy started plan to shift class de but the onli problem i been having is to find some1 who wanted to exchange wif me, but no1 going to do so. but when sem2 started surprisingly received a message:

Samoht: "do u wanna change class wif me?"
Muk: "is it possible?"

Samoht: "it is possible"
Muk: "GREAT"

haha then ma write letter lo. finally 2day approved lol
sorry to puiyi, minwei and eewan for betrayed not to say as betray la, juz leave la...reali sorry
sorry to munyi too coz i promise to not change class and now i make a promise here, if ther is any assignment can be done wif u i sure will join u, coz u r a great teammate.

new life in AV3

AV3 here i come

i haven finish buying CNY cloth ar...no time liao