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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

---SuPPrisiNG SuPPoRT---

me: 爸,我初五朋友来的时候我可以驾vios屎吗???
dad: 你问你表哥啦!

me: huh...=.=(a face of not willing to ask)
dad: 那你驾ford仔咯!

me: 我上次问他拿他都不给我驾!
dad: 酱你就驾他的车啦!

me: O.o

that was the 1st time my dad support me from my back...lol
coz recently my cousin is taking my car ford then my dad is caring the vios, i tried many time to ask to drive bac my car but he nvr giv de. but unexpected my dad supported me...lol

whic car i will be taking to kampar le????