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Monday, January 12, 2009


the 1st day of going bac school was suck. UTAR change since kampar campus' 2nd intake. from our 500+ student now is around 3000+ student. the canteen fulled, toilet fulled, class fulled and the parking also fulled. the 1st day morning planned to go early and Q-up to apply for the parking sticker but i think i was too late, more and more ppl are much more early than me to Q. the Q is from front of the block till outside of the block. ok lo i Q outside lo. from 8 i Q until 10 yeahhh i'm in the center of the block ardy la...but the Q is not moving coz alot of KINDERGRADEN student haven't learn to Q they juz simply make their way n Q in front of us. ok lo we 4giv those deviant. around 1030am la, the Q is still not moving then a staff com out :"the counter is closed pls be bac in 2pm". =.=||| 酱有好咩。。。down 掉去咯。。。ok lo. i go eat 1st then onli com bac and Q lo. 1stly planned to bac in 1pm but suddenly received a call, no more sticker liao, write name on waiting list n wait wo. huh, wat the F, GGGGRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMM...i'm 370 on the waiting list...|||then its time to wait for the class to come the onli class i will be having is 6pm to 8pm but the lecturer used 40min to finish it . wat is this life for...酱有好咩。。。down 掉去咯。。。lol

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