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Monday, January 5, 2009

---CoUsiN's WeDDiNG DiNNeR---

early in the morning, 1030am we need to go to kl d lo. ppl might be asking, wedding dinner mostly held at evening de ar y r u going ther so early. the answer is, my aunty wanted to shopping. ok lo, shop ma shop lo instead i also haven buy any cny cloth. but y r u going curve ther le, arrrrr there r ntg to shop la. ai, i hav no choice. me dad n bro r finding a place to fill up our tummy, we walk all the cafe n restaurant along 'the street' but dunno where to eat, finally i decide, go to the place i work b4 whic is curve Kim Gary la. all thgs change ther, all the chairs are new the wall is painted again n all the staff that work wif me b4 are all gone juz remain ah choy and jerry. my table 30
finish eating, we walk to ikano lo, then go pet shop lo, ther got chi hua hua, pomeranian, silky terrier, shie tze and a dog look like husky, 4goten it name. after that ma shop shop shop lo, planned to buy skinny jean de, but not too skinny la, no size wo. curve is so sien. i did't buy anythg. b4 we leave the curve, i rmb i saw singapore hav a new inspired pastry thg called cupcake gua. it is different la. i saw a cupcake shop there i think it might be same as the SG but it is totally different, ppl cupcake hav many layer and color here 1.....boring and SUCK. my advice, dun ever try it.they got my blog URL on their box...lol

ready to the dinner la, all aunty wanted to make up set their hair done, during that moment, my cousin showing me his work and how he work. he is hoeyi or fireant, he is a Malaysian Famous 3-D designer and a 3-D lecturer for the 1 academy. he alwaz ask me to study ther, but after i saw who he functioning those Maya or whatever software, i was decided to NOT. it's hard, hw can he do tat, biu gor PUI FOK PUI FOK...ok la all aunty is done. lets go.^.^
reach there 1st thgs is to play wif the babies, we hav yang yang, and a twins sister, theng theng and shiong shiong.
the food was prepared by 'tai tong' and my table is 10...haha
the bride n groom was juz siting beside me...haha
every guest will get chocolate.dishes on...let c wat its got.
finish la..bao bao la...is time to say bye bye. finally the pics of our groom n bride. not clear la. sorry ar hand shaking.
while we r waiting the bus to come me, fire dragon and meiling sang alot of song we even dance. unforgetable meiling plan to sing 'take a bow' on their wedding...lol it reali time to say bye bye la. the hour b4 i reach my home, maggie called me and she chat wif me for an hour, our topic is 'Wu Yan'...lol tat all for the day...

trying to cheer up myself...